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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by trinket_treat, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    We're a young couple (22 & 25) who've just moved to Coorparoo, Brisbane from Bristol, UK. We're here on a working holiday visa for 1 year. We've been here for 7 weeks so thought I'd come say Hi!

    We're wondering if there is anyone else out there who are in a similar situation and would like to meet up?

    Also my boyfriend is a plasterer and in desperate need of work!! If anyone knows of any plastering/rendering/labouring/factory/warehousing jobs please let me know!!

  2. Robyn0312

    Robyn0312 Guest

    Hi just joined this forum and seen this message and you other one. We are a young(ish) couple 25 and 29 and are moving to Brisbane on the 27th. I don't know anybody so it'd be great to have someone to meet up with especially as most requests seem to be for people with young children. If you fancy a drink in the city in December send me a message. Im a geologist and a b/f is an IT manager and we're moving from London.
  3. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for your message, it would be great to meet up sometime in December (we are going away between Boxing Day and New Year but other than that pretty much free at the moment!!)

    Do you know which suburb you are moving to yet?

    If I can figure out how to send you a private message I'll send you my e-mail address and we can take it from there?

    It will be nice to finally start making some friends!!
  4. Oakey81

    Oakey81 Guest

    Hi, Ive just moved to Brisbane, i am living in the CBD and I am keen to meet up with people for drinks at weekends...

    Robyn0312.. I'm also working as a Geologist over here, I have been over here near 4 years now... if you need any advice or info send me a PM.


    Mick :)
  5. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hope ya don't mind me asking but if you find anywhere where you can get regional work to enable you to get your second year WHV's would you let me know as my daughter who is 22 and hubby 24 are comming over in Nov on WHV but will need to know where some regional work is:D He is a grad who has qualified in 3D modleing has done Web and IT too:D
    We are northside Brisbane:D

    Good luck and hope all works out for you's
    Brig x:biggrin:x

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