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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by rosiep, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. rosiep

    rosiep Guest

    Hi everyone we are a family of 5 living in Adelaide for the past 18 months. Unfortunateley it is not for us like so many others! Australia is a long way from the uk and a massive move so for all the upset you have to be happy! We are set on the idea of moving to possibly the sunshine coast but are definately open as to the best places to live for a young family and a plasterer finding work. We have so many questions particulary aimed at the people who have moved interstate as to removal companies, car transporters, fly or drive and your honest opinions. We know how these can differ from peoples different perspectives but it would be great to know either way. Looking forward to hearing your replies :rolleyes:

    Paul and Zoe

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya ,i relocated a family from perth a few months ago and have a family from Adelaide arriving in a couple of weeks.The husband is driving the wife and kids flying,vehicle transfer is quite straight forward as is driving licence exchange.I think as a plasterer will find work in most areas of brisbane,so i wouldnt worry too much about that.The sunshine coast is beautiful and carrys a laid back attitude,prices have risen this last year but they have anywere.Some people find it a bit quiet for familys and prefer the gold coast not in the hustle and bustle but still near enough.if i can help with anything feel free to send me a pm,,
    Cal x
  3. Lou

    Lou Guest


    I'm headed for the Sunshine coast in the next month or so, love Caloundra and am hoping to be able to settle there! OH is a plumber so shouldn't have any problems finding work (fingers crossed)
  4. rosiep

    rosiep Guest

    Thanks cal and Lou for the feedback. It certainly gives a little peace of mind and it will be nice to be intouch with people who have also re-located. I will be intouch and thankyou again!

    Paul and Zoe
  5. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    Hi Rosie.sorry to hear you havent settled in Adelaide.I hope the next move is a happier one.We ve done some research and feel Brisbane has more too offer for our family.We know a family that settled in Kedron but other areas that im hearing about are Morningside and Hawthorne.Im going to look into those.Im sure your husband will find work quite easily.They re still advertising for those skills back here in blighty.We re still waiting for our visa ,but hope to be there August/Sept.Let us know how you get on.Keep well Debs.

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