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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by Guest, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Hi Simon,

    Gutting 5 points off skills how pants is that!

    Not sure where you live or what you do but this might help you,

    Twice a year there is an Oz Expo in London and Manchester, normally April and November.

    I went with my husband (skill) me unskilled.....i was interviewed and offered a job straight away with a Restaurant chain in Brisbane as a Front of house Manager, he came away with a few freebees.

    These Expo's are great and if offered a job through sponsorship, they are your leg up with the visa you may need.

    Good Luck, Natalie. :)

  2. chellem

    chellem Guest

    hi what did you actually do in the uk? i am trying to get my mum sponsorship she is a catering manager and has been for years she did an apprenticeship when she was younger etc so has all the correct qualifications only prob is she is 47!!! do u reckon she would have any luck at one of the expos x
  3. the expos are good but be prepared for loads of people and huge queues we went to the one in london but unfortunatly had to take our children (not a good idea) so didnt get the info we required
    regards jacqui

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