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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Impatient, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Impatient

    Impatient Guest

    G'day everyone

    Just starting to really look into the whole emigration thing. It has occupied my mind constantly for the past few years since the smallies were born. I am still 3 years away from moving (anyone know of anything I can start yet?) for various reasons, but am so excited I want to be sick.

    Have a brain full of silly ideas, including: buying a house over the 'net so I don't have to pay rent when I arrive; taking 6 months off when I arrive (I figure I deserve it); doing anything for a job that does not involve sitting in front of a chuffing PC all day.

    But all I really want is to live somewhere warm, where my children can grow up with a great attitude to sport and a sound perspective on life. Meanwhile I intend to take life a whole lot less seriously, relax and when it all gets too stressful sit in the hot tub with Mrs Impatient.

    At the moment I am just browsing these sites and writing lists of things I need to do! Seems to be endless, but exciting at the same time, just wish I was closer to going so that I could apply for something!

  2. Angie P

    Angie P Guest

    How exciting for you all and I know how you feel... it can take up all of your waking hours thinking about it. Check out my website if I can be of help just drop me an email. Go to links you will find lots of info there and scroll down about us to read why we chose this area.
    Good Luck with your plans!

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