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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Nom&Nat, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Nom&Nat

    Nom&Nat Guest

    Hello fellow Oz/Brisbane fans!

    Just a wee fit like (how are you) from Nat & me. We are moving to Oz within the next few years and possibly to Brissy. Its in the running for pole position and hopefully if we get loads of positive information from here it might well be where we settle...

    Drop us a line or two if you have time and we can swap stories and experiences. Hope all goes well with whatever you are looking for and don't worry if it takes longer to get the Visas as its worth it in the end!! It took us 2 years to get ours.

    Finally - lets get this Forum up and rolling like the main PomsInOz site!!


    Nom & Nat

  2. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Hi Nom & Nat

    I don't know where you are in Scotland but we are in Fife and pushing ahead with our 457 visa application - we are planning on moving out to Brisbane around March/April next year with our 1 year old son...I'm sure that will be fun on a 23 hour flight!!
    From what I can gather there is quite a lot of Scots moving to QLD for some reason just now...maybe we are all sick of this weather.
    I would love to here from fellow ex-pats that have already made the move just to re-assure me that life is definately better down under as at the moment I am bogged down in research on everything from schools and nurseries to tax, houses, stamp duty, health service, cost of cars, insurance etc etc. the list is endless and my head feels like it is going to burst.
  3. Phyllis n Joe

    Phyllis n Joe New Member


    We moved from Glasgow to the Gold Coast 7 weeks ago so if you have any questions about the move i will try and help if i can,ok.

    I must say im feeling a bit home sick, missing my family and friends back home, but there are good days and bad, it doesn't help when my 15 yr old daughter looks so unhappy, wish i had done the move when she was a lot younger. My son on the other hand is 14yrs and he loves it, has settled into school really well!

  4. kazandjim

    kazandjim New Member

    We are also from Scotland and hoping to be in Brisbane early 2008.
    Sharron where about in Fife are you from? As we are from Fife as well.
    Karen :)

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