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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by jubilee123, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. jubilee123

    jubilee123 Guest

    Hello all!Me and the wife and our 3 kids hoping to be in Brisbane in July 2007.Any tips on good areas to live with decent schools and within commuting distance to the city would be greatly appreciated.Look forwards to hearing from you all

  2. Australstar

    Australstar Guest


    Hi there,

    Firstly welcome to the site :)

    Am i correct in thinking that you & your family are going to be migrating to Oz/Brisbane in July '07 ? (or is it a 'recce' visit? )

    Have you visited Brisbane or Queensland before?

    I have posted a couple of useful links regarding Brisbane, on another link on this site, so take a look at them, if you haven't already, they have a lot of info on them.

    Trev & Jamie
  3. jubilee123

    jubilee123 Guest

    Hi Trev & Jamie
    Sorry to take so long to reply,a tad busy at the moment.Doing a recce to Brisbane towards the end of April 07.My wife starts a hairdressing course at the end of July 07,we are using the student visa route.Our kids are 5,4 and 3,we are trying to provide a good start for them,its a chance but its worth a go.
    Any tips would be grateful!
    Many thanks Colin
  4. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    The BIG move

    Hi, good to hear from you.
    Don't worry to much about your slow reply, we understand, as life/work is very busy right now for both of us to.

    We are awaiting our file number/case officer to be allocated to us, hopefully in the next few weeks & then hope to receive the 'green light' on our visa application by early next year and if things go roughly to plan :eek: , then we hope to go and activate our visa's with a holiday come 'recce' to Brisbane around the end of March '07.

    We found Brisbane to be a very nice city with lots to see & do around the city itself, some lovely walks to.
    I am sure you will take a trip or two to the gold coast/surfers paradise area's, the beaches are beautiful and sandy, not the shale & stone poor excuse for a beach that we are used to here :lol:
    It certainly appears that you will have your hand's full with your 3 little one's :lol: , i must say that if i had young children that i would do the same,as i believe that they will benifit in many ways from such a move.

    May i ask what line of work your in? and is this the work that your planning to do in Oz?
    I shall leave it there for now & i look forward to hearing from you both again.


    Trev & Jamie
  5. jubilee123

    jubilee123 Guest

    Hi Trev & Jamie,
    Hope your keeping well.At present I am a Train Driver,which is not a required skill in Oz.I have a background in the Telecoms industry,but a new start means a change in the career options,hoping to learn a new skill in the future!
    What line of work are you 2 involved in?Hope to hear from you in the next couple of days.Take it easy.
  6. joandken

    joandken Guest

    Student Visa

    Hi, hope you dont mind me interupting but I am really excited to find someone doing the same as us. I am hoping to start the two year hairdressing (business) course in the sunshine coast in July 2007. My Husband and I have a three year son old and we both have good jobs here in the UK so its nice to know we are not alone.

    Are you also studying in the sunshine coast? How far have you got with your application.
    Jo and Ken :lol:
  7. jubilee123

    jubilee123 Guest

    Hi Jo and Ken,
    Like you said its good to know your not alone!My wife is hopefully doing the course at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE,starting towards the middle of July 07.The application appears to be going well,hopefully a deposit will be paid before Xmas,fingers crossed!
    Keep in touch,Colin and Caroline.
  8. joandken

    joandken Guest

    Hi Colin and Caroline

    Glad things are going well for you. It’s quite a scary decision, we are risking everything we have worked for in the hope that we can stay after the two years is up. We keep having ups and downs. One moment we can’t wait to get going and the other we are thinking can we really leave behind our friends and family. It’s very hard but I’m sure you are thinking the same thing. Keep us posted. X Jo and Ken
  9. andyldean

    andyldean Guest

    Also in July (fingers crossed)

    Me my wife and 16 year old son are also hoping to move out to Brisbane in July. Fingers crossed if the Visa arrives in time.
  10. joandken

    joandken Guest

    Offer Of Place received

    Hi all, Really excited just received our Offer of Place, now just need to get the visa sorted. :D :D :D
  11. jubilee123

    jubilee123 Guest

    Hi all,
    A good xmas present arrived during the week an offer of a place,a welcome treat!Just like Jo and Ken time to get the visa sorted out.
    MERRY XMAS everybody.
  12. hinx

    hinx Guest

    jo and ken

    you dont have to go to sunshine coast to do hairdressing do it here in uk in five months thats nvq2 i did it
  13. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    new year & a new country (soon we hope!)

    Hi to all,

    We would like to to send our best wishes to all on the site, for the new year ahead, also our support for those that are going through the sometimes nerve racking process of migration to Oz.

    We look forward to communicating with you all again in the new year, sharing our experiences & useful information.

    Have a great 2007.

    Trev & Jamie
  14. joandken

    joandken Guest


    Thats great news Colin and Caroline good luck with the visa, keep us posted. :lol:
  15. Debby

    Debby Guest

    Hi guys

    Hi all,

    Good luck on the visa front guys - its all worth it.

    We moved to Australia from sunny Birmingham in 2002 and have just moved to Brisbane from Sydney with my husband and 4 month old son.

    Re. areas, we have moved to the northern suburb of Hendra which is about 5km from the city. So far it seems like a nice place for a young family with really good access to the main motorway to go north or south to the sunshine or gold coasts for weekends away.

    Hope this helps,

    Debby, Rob & Oliver
  16. Louise

    Louise Guest

    See you in the gold coast!

    Hiya Colin and Caroline,
    I had to contact you as I was just flicking through the web site and dicovered you two are doing the same as us. I start the Hairdressing course at the TAFE too in July. Where are you going to live?

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