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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by simon, May 26, 2010.

  1. simon

    simon Guest

    Hi Everyone I just joined you yesterday I've started to emigrate and am at the first bit getting a skill assessment has anyone else had this experience? to go through any tips or help appreciated ta Simon:laugh:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Simon and welcome to BIB.
    Most people who apply for a skilled have some sort of skills assessment. What trade/Skill are you applying under?

    Cal x
  3. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi Simon

    Welcome to the forum. My advice would be to make sure you read up on EXACTLY you need to send to have your skills assessed. Make sure you have all the paperwork in order before you send it. That way, your chances of having a positive assessment first time around, without having to provide more info all the time, are greater.

    Good luck with it all.


  4. simon

    simon Guest

    Hi Cal
    I'm applying as an electrician I'm fully qualified and approved I did a 3 yr night school course whilst working in the trade also I served an apprenticeship as an aero engineer thnx for replying
  5. simon

    simon Guest

    Hi Rudi
    Thnx for replying yeah i got mail yesterday from oz detailing all the stuff i gotta do loads but here goes thnx again
  6. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    Hi Simon, I did the skills assesmentbtu decided to come as a fitter. Im qualified as multi skilled and have done the apprenticeship etc... Problem is mate, you've chosen the hardest trade to use to get in to Aus.
    Sparky work over here earns a fortune and they aint to keen on letting everyone get a license. you may find you need to do another practicall assesment and even go back to college over here for a year before they will recognise you...its bad i know.
    Just for ref: i use a contract sparky for my factory, even though im qualified.....He to is from uk and had to do 2 years at college befor ethey would give him his licence.( and it cost him)
    BUT...dont be put off because he now earns ( and charges me) a fortune !!!
    When i did my references and current CV as they ask you to; i read through the neccesary skiills reqd to be classed as a fitter and "tailered" my Cv to suit it.
    when you do finally get here be prepared to hand out loads of CV';s as they like to employ thier own first, BUT again there is still plenty of work for sparky's.
    Good luck mate. You will have to get refrences from just about everyione & company you ever worked for....i did. This bit takes the longest time so if you can then start tracing people and companies now.!!
    Good luck and fellfree to ask if you need any help.

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