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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by frances, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. frances

    frances New Member

    Just wondering aloud...does anyone know what the job situation is like for community/hospital pharmacists in Brisbane?

    My hubby and I will be lodging our visa application hopefully within the next few months but I'm stressing about the job situation for myself as Ive heard jobs for pharmacist are thin on the ground (probably the reason why they were taken off SOL last July! :frown:).

    Was just wondering if anyone has been/ or knows someone in a similar situation and if they've found it hard getting work?

    Any advice is much appreciated! :smile:
  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

  3. kiwidragon

    kiwidragon Guest

    Hi Frances
    I am a pharmacist, and believe me it's really tough. I had my visa and had packed up before they took it off the SOL, so had that horrible shock en-route! Apparently, just like the UK they opened loads of new schools of pharmacy, so there are loads of Aussie pharmacists now, more than there are jobs for, and I've been told it's not uncommon to get upwards of 50 applications for a vacancy. There is significant pharmacist unemployment (or some find employment in other fields) in metropolitan Australia. I assume you're not Oz registered? Getting someone to do your 4 weeks training is VERY difficult. Employers want you to be registered already- they have Aussie qualified pharmacists beating down their door. I don't mean to depress you or stress you out, but I think it's only fair you know the score before you spend a small fortune on the visa process and the registration exams etc. It is supposed to be easier in remote areas, so if you're willing to live, at least for a while in a country town you may have more luck. Sorry this is not reassuring, but I'm being honest about what I've found since landing in Oz. I do wish you luck. Feel free to PM me if you need more info- I'll help if I can!
  4. frances

    frances New Member

    Hi Kiwidragon,

    Thanks for the reply. You've pretty much confirmed what I was afraid of!! :frown: Whereabouts in Oz are you? Have you managed to get registered and are you working full time? Hospital pharmacists are still on the Queensland SOL so I was thinking that if all else fails I could maybe switch from community to hospital. Were you unemployed for a while after landing in Oz? I'm hoping to have enough funds to sustain me for a couple of months while i trek around every pharmacy possible with CV in hand!!

    I take it theres probably no point in trying to email my CV to companies prior to landing in Oz? Are the salaries comparable to the UK as I've also heard that pharmacists are at the worse end of the pay scale due to being surplus to requirements!!



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