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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Rudi, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    I was in "The Good Guys" this morning buying a fridge freezer. I wasn't after anything expensive - just a basic fridge for a rental.

    I found what I wanted and with the current 20% discount, it brought it down to $367.50. So I said, great, so what's the best price you can he says $367.50.....and I said well I only want to give you $360. He refused and said that as there was already 20% off, no more could be taken off - I told him it could, as I had bought a dishwasher 2 days ago and had further money taken off - he is not believe me. I told him that was fine - that I would find another shop assistant to help me.....he told me that the answer would still be the same - $367.50.....

    2 minutes later I walked out of the shop with my fridge freezer for $360 :laugh: AND the assistant I found got him to ring it up on the till for me :biglaugh: How red faced was he!



  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Good for you Rudi,

    I have started to ask what's the best price they can do is, and if they will not come down any lower, then I ask for a business card and tell the sales person to put the price on the card, I then tell them i am going to see if someone else can beat his price. they either lower the price or I go to another shop. show the card and ask if they can beat that price.....

    For our new members who are reading this, never take the price as gospel in Australian shops, especially white goods and electrical / electronics you are expected to barter to get the best price. its strange and gets some getting used to, but once you manage it, you can save hundreds of $.
  3. Dan dontknow

    Dan dontknow Guest

    Very good to know and i like this as i already push my luck here and ask for discount or reductions, a good way is if they wont budge on price make them throw in extras
    if you dont ask you dont get.
  4. Briz Nurse

    Briz Nurse New Member

    If you don't ask, you don't get......right?

  5. Danni

    Danni Guest

    I am learning so much here! I really didn't know that haggling was the norm. Does that apply to most shops?
  6. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member


    Haggling is most definitely the order of the day. And it works in a wide variety of shops, not just electrical/white goods. Furnture shops, outdoor (camping etc) shops, sports equipment, cars (new and 2nd hand); just give it a go! You won't get much joy in Dept stores like Myer/David Jones, but much more likely where the store is a franchise or privately owned. We bought a couple of bikes and the gear to go with them and got $400 knocked before we started to negotiate. We ended up with more/upgraded stuff and a further $200 off. There are a variety of reasons for it; cheap internet prices, goods have to be shifted, a history of haggling and if you got a good deal from a particular shop, where are you going to go first when looking to upgrade/renew?

    If a particular item is already heavily discounted, you wont get much joy on a further discount. But if you look to buy other goods with it, you use the fact that you are taking the first item off their hands (you're doing them a favour!!). So what can they then do for you, perhaps discount the 2nd and 3rd item that you're interested in. srp's advice about getting a price on a business card is spot on. Show it in other shops, see what happens. Or if you decide to leave it a while, you'll know what the price was at that time. And also when you do your internet searching.

    My wife was looking at a pair of Mizuna running shoes for her triathlons and got a fitting and a price of $199 from Foot Locker. We ordered them from, which is where her aussie fellow triatheletes get their stuff, for £54 delivered. is cheaper than But when out shopping ask what they can do for you; is that the best price?

    If you don't ask, you won't get!!

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