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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by asmith15, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. asmith15

    asmith15 New Member

    :biggrin:Hi everyone my names Annette(40) my partner is Lee(37) , we have 3 girls age 17,16 and Isabella 8, The two older girls are stopping here to finish college but will have to come on holiday 2 get there passports stamped, so to start with there will just be 3 of us hopefully, we will be heading to morayfield as Lees brother lives there. Everyone seems to have got different dates for paperwork being accepted so i think we have just been unlucky on how long its taken us - started out with TRA last jan 07 - and that was a drawn out process as Lee has been doing joinery work for the last 10yrs but our agency said as hes self taught they wouldnt accept him so he had to use his trade (engineer - fitter) to get points. Finally got word back on that in June 07 then started on main application to have it in before August with the point system changing but our paperwork go lost within the british mail system (i started to wonder if it was an omen !!) anyway - managed to fill all papers in again and sent end july just managing to get them in befor deadline then waited and waited and finally got a case worker in Jan 08 have, did medicals and police checks middle of Feb but am still waiting for police checks to come back!! Sorry to bore you all with details but it feels good to share it with people who are going through the same thing. :wink:

    Would love to here from anyone whos still in limbo like us - or anyone who just wants to make new friends - by the way i might be 40 but still feel like i'm 25 ! so dont be put off by my age :tongue: it you are younger.

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya and welcome to brits in brissy,the visa process is a nightmare but trust me itll be worth it ,good luck with everything and i hope you get out here soon
    Cal x
  3. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hiya :)

    When we first moved here we lived close to Morayfield... Oh dont worry about feeling old..I am almost 42 and feel 80 now...I'm hoping the sun will make me feel young again but havent seen much of it this summer....Dont ever feel like you are boring us...Hopefully between us all here we can answer the questions you may have...I remember way back in the day of migrating that we felt so lost in all of the terms used and of course the reams of paperwork..It really does feel never ending..its so worth it in the end tho:)
    keep smiling
    Jo x
  4. Lou

    Lou Guest


    I'm sure the process is there to test just how much we actually want to get into Oz! If you survive the whole waiting game then you're in!! Even though it is with a few more grey hairs!

    Good luck, and keep coming on here and updating us with how you are getting on!


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