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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Stoopidstu, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Stoopidstu

    Stoopidstu Guest

    My wife and I are thinking of moving to Australia with our two young children.I don't see any problems with employment as we are both skilled in required occupations.I am certain that we should go but,my wife can't really make up her mind.I would like to know,is leaving the Uk and family,friends etc worth all the stress?Help!!

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member


    At least you are thinking along the right lines, it can be (well it is ) stressful moving to Australia and homesickness can be very sever for some people. Finding work before you arrive can help to alleviate the stress, there is nothing worse than landing in a new country and worrying about money... You just do not need that extra stress. It can be lonely the first few weeks while you adjust to a new country with new traditions and culture.

    Now I have put you off coming lets look at the benefits.

    Better climate, warm winters (up to 20c during day 5c at night) Summers you can see some spectacular storms.
    Plenty for a family to do and does not have to be expensive.. Most towns have free BBQ's in parks and on sea front for you to use, just wipe down when finished.
    if you like beaches you can find some of the best in the world here.
    Australian can be some of the best friends you will meet, They do not live in each others pockets and may not seem so friendly as UK, But if your in trouble you cannot wish for better neighbours.
    If you are both in occupations that are in short supply here then you should soon be working and making a circle of friends.
    Buying fresh food from the local shops , Fresh Pineapples and bananas from local farms and fruit you may never have heard of.

    In general I think it is a better life style and quality of life in Australia, the education system seems less stressful than the UK system for the kids. Some complain that it is not as good as the UK system, but from talking to people who have been here some time they tend to feel its better, Its different to the UK but achieves the same results. If you do not already have them I would recommend setting up SKYPE accounts for yourselves and family that you would like to talk to.

    You probably have a whole host of questions to ask, do not be afraid to ask them on here, we have all gone through what you are thinking of doing.

    If you do not take the chance will you in 20 years time be wondering "What If"? I would always suggest anyone who moves here has an escape plane so if it does not work out, you can go back to UK, with as little hassle as possible. The vast majority of people who move here love it and stay but there will always be some who will not settle and move back.
  3. Stoopidstu

    Stoopidstu Guest

    Thanks for your reply Colin.Obviously someone like yourself who has been though the immigration process,would you,personally,recommend Australia as a place to live?
  4. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Yes, without hesitation I love it here,
  5. tcj

    tcj New Member

    Hi, have been in QLD for 4 weeks after a 3 year tortuous visa process and though I have come out ahead of my family I cannot think of one thing which hasn't made this right decision. yes it is expensive (same as the UK) but the people, culture, lifestyle, can-do, humour is just brilliant. Do it!
  6. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi :)

    We are 4 days in to our "try b4 you buy"!!! and the juries out.

    We are so glad we came out for a trip first, we are not new to the whole immigration thing as we have been through it before so have experienced the ups and downs.

    I would defiantly recommend a trip out here first then you can all see if it's really what you want.

    Good luck !!!

    Kind regards

    Anouska :)
  7. lilipilli

    lilipilli Guest

    Hi there, the honest answer is that some find it easy to settle and others find it harder. Some people go back home after maybe 2 years because they miss family and friends, We have been here for 13 years and feel it is home now. My advice would be to come for a holiday if possible and then decide, or take the plunge and give it a try, you never know until you try. Good luck with everything lilipilli

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