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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by fizzypop, May 30, 2008.

  1. fizzypop

    fizzypop Guest

    hi all
    i realise we are only at the start of the process to join you all in brisbane ..

    need to ask is it worth.... the biggest problem i have found is all the wonder stories is it really that green on the otherside

    i do not expect it all to be rosey and like anywhere you have to work to make things happen

    but can anyone tell me the pitfalls to look out for the main migration problems and the key issues when first setting up

    many thanks


  2. alles

    alles New Member

    hi steve
    thats a tricky one really ...........
    one persons heaven is anothers hell
    it all depends on what your expectations are .......
    and where you have come from & what you did
    we wasted 11 mths in adelaide went there as cheap property at the time .....
    never been there before, but been most other places in aus, thought it can,t
    be that different boy how wrong were we !!! gold coast & so far so good
    taking it a day at a time & will see what happens
    pitfalls / migration problems - not to sure .... try to find work as soon as, is the key
    then you can hit the ground running !
    best of luck al & laura
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    The grass is as green as you are willing to make it ,for us its the greenest it could ever be,we live a much better lifestyle,spend much more time together and are all miles happier.We both now work part time instead of the 6 days ratrace in the uk ,we are financially NOT in the same position we were in the uk and have to save for things here ,we dont have the luxury of foxtel but it dosnt take you long to realsie money isnt everything when you live in this beautiful country.Good luck with everything ,it is only normal to worry,i know i did a fair share of stressing before we came ,lol
    Cal x
  4. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Sure is worth it........if...............

    - you are prepared to work hard,
    - accept Oz for Oz
    - dont compare it to UK
    - willing to get out there to meet people
    - you realise that there will be good and bad that you have to work through.
    - realise that it may be quality NOT quantity that makes your life better!!

    Get through`re home and dry!!!

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