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Discussion in 'Job Vacancies' started by Hubbme, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Hubbme

    Hubbme New Member

    I am considering a move to Brisbane. My husband is Aussie (from NSW) and is absolutely desperate to go home. We have two girls and they are duel citizens. However, it seems almost impossible for me to get a teaching post. I am an Assistant Headteacher (Principle) in a large London school, so I have lots of experience. However, it seems impossible and so complicated to find teaching positions in Australia, compared to Aussies getting teaching jobs coming over to the UK. We are going to Brisbane in July and August to visit my in-laws and I have been trying to contact schools to see if they'd let me visit, but no luck so far. Anyone who is able to give me any information, or advice, I'd be very grateful. Has anyone got experience of successfully moving from UK schools to an Aussie one? TIA.

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