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Discussion in 'Central QLD' started by zoe3899, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. zoe3899

    zoe3899 Guest

    Moving with my family to Yeppoon in January and would like to meet up with anyone else that has move there. Our children are 4 and 9
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Good Luck with the move Zoe, i was on holiday in Yeppoon a couple of months back and its a great area.

    Cal x
  3. Barbs

    Barbs Guest

    Hi Zoe

    I'm also moving to yeppoon, we land at rockhampton on New Year's Eve. Exciting but very nervous about the move, we are lucky to have family in yeppoon but also looking forward to meeting new friends.
  4. zoe3899

    zoe3899 Guest

    Good to hear someone else is moving there! We arrive end of January so the kids can start school. Where are you moving from? We're currently in . We also have family there but like you are interested in making new friends. My partner has a job at the high school and I hope to get a job at the hospital in rocky . Be good to hear back from you

    Cheers Zoe
  5. Barbs

    Barbs Guest

    Lol, maybe we could job hunt together! I'm a nurse also looking to get a job at rocky hospital. We are moving from Mansfield near Nottingham. My husband has been offered a job working in the mine. We have one daughter who is 16 so she will be going to the state high school.
    I had my last day at work yesterday, so feeling a bit strange having no job, no house and my car is going to its new owner today as well. How are you coping with the whole move thing? I can't deny that I'm crapping it and Christmas Day with family this year will be a tad traumatic lol, just hoping that the party on New Year's Eve in ox will make up for it, although I have no intention of remembering any of it due to being intoxicated! Lol x:)
  6. Linesy

    Linesy Guest

    Hi Zoe

    We live in Yeppoon, if theres anything we can help you with please ask.

    Steve & Cristine
  7. zoe3899

    zoe3899 Guest

    Hi Steve and Cristine
    Thanks for your long have you been there? Would be interested to hear your story if you have a mo. My partner and children leave in 2 weeks and then me soon after once our house sale goes through.
  8. Linesy

    Linesy Guest

    Hi Zoe

    I was born in West Ham, but moved to Aus with parents when just 12yo. I grew up in Melbourne and moved up here 25 years ago. My wife is a local, born and bred here. We have a couple of business inland, and live there during the week, but also have a house at Yeppoon where we go to every Friday.

    Yeppoon is a beautiful place, very peaceful and a terrific place to bring up kids. A very healthy outdoor lifestyle and a fantastic climate. We have a boat at the marina there and travel out to Great Keppel Island, which is just 8 mile off the coast. I wont start on Keppel or the islands as I'll end up going on for hours just how gorgeous it is! :)

    Anyway, like I say, shout out if we can give you a hand with anything.

  9. OReilly

    OReilly Guest

    We (myself and two chidren aged 2 &4 ) are moving to Yeppoon at the end of the month and will join my husband who has been there since Sept. Its a roller-coaster of emotions excitement, nerves and anxiety. The goodbyes at the moment is tough but looking forward to getting to Yeppoon and getting settled. Would love to hear from others in a similar position new to the area and would love to learn more about what to expect. Hard to believe that this time 3 weeks we'll be there :)
  10. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Welcome to the forum, it will be a very exciting and emotional time for you but will be worth it when you get here. How lovely for you to get back together with your husband 5 months is a long time to be a part.
  11. Hi Zoe
    We're moving out to yeppoon this oct, very excited and nervous :) what's it like there? Any advise?
    ive got a job at rockhampton hospital, and moving with hubby and 3 kiddies.

  12. JenKnow

    JenKnow Guest

    Myself and husband are moving to rocky/yeppoon in may and were excited but nervous, we have visited townsville and mackay and loved them, is rocky yeppoon anything like these? any advice would be great

    were moving from the UK and are a couple in or 30's with a dog :)
  13. lianne

    lianne New Member

    Hi, I am planning to move to Rockhampton from South Australia (been there 18 months originally from UK) in the next couple of months. I have been provisionally offered a position at the hospital. I will be moving with my husband and 3 Kids (9, 6 and 4). Any advice on areas, schools etc would be great. I have heard mixed reviews on Rockhampton but am a firm believer it is what you make it.

  14. Amelie1

    Amelie1 New Member

    Hi Lianne,

    Hopefully we will be moving to Rockhampton in the next few months too. Hubby's going to work at the hospital. Still unsure about dates etc yet.

    Excited and slightly terrified at times, but mostly excited
  15. lianne

    lianne New Member

    we arrive next week eek!!

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