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  1. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    HI everyone anyone

    I have just had an interview for greenslopes any info would be good its in coronary care i have been qualified 7 years i will be coming on a 457 xx any advice on greenslopes visa pay renting :wacko:thanks nikki

  2. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    Greenslopes is a really nice area and the hospital is fantastic. It massive and spread out over a lot of ground.

    Like all nice areas, greenslopes is on the higher end of the rental scale because of its accessabilty to the city.

    I'm not sure what size house you are looking for, but we looked around that area, and a 2/3 bed house was @ $400-550 A WEEK. It can be cheaper if you lok around a bit, but we needed to be near schools etc.
    you can get a nice 2 bed unit in a complex around there for $300 a week if you dont mind sharing the swimming pool !!
    hope that is of some help
    good luck
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    This post is from July last year, I am sure by now Nikki has her answers...

    I will close this thread to avoid confusion.
Thread Status:
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