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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by eddie, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. eddie

    eddie Guest

    Hi, we're new to this site. I'm Eddie, partner Tina and our 2 children Chelsea and Ben, aged 11 and 2. I've passed the TRA for carpenter and joiner, and at the early stages of visa applications. Is there anybody out there that could give us any info on Everton Hills or surrounding area, in Brisbane? Have got possible work there when visa arrives. I've recently returned from a brief visit to Brisbane but would appreciate any info you have to add ie. is this a nice area to live? schools, nurseries etc. in general and the community and what it has to offer?

  2. maisey

    maisey Guest

    Hi Eddie
    Just read your post and don't know whether you have tried the foloowing if you look at and put in the area on the right there is a bit where you can do a suburb report. The general report is free but you can pay for a more detailed one. The other way I found to get info was to be really cheeky. If you do a search for schools and contact the school, if you get a friendly reply then be cheeky asnd ask about the area. I have had some really informative e mails from really nice principles. It also gives you a feel about the school too.
    Good luck hope this helps.
    Also try looking at for another profile.
    Hope all goes well.
    Maisey :idea:

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