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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by mark macdonald, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hi, im looking for info on joiner/carpentry work in brisbane,i am 30 and was going to go for perminent residency in the u.k but was told i should take the chance and get the 12 month working visa and get a company to sponser planning to go out in late october or november.could any one please give me reasurance that this would be the rite option because i dont want to go out there for 12 months to come back again.thank you
  2. If you have the chance of a perm visa then why go for a temp one? There will be a lot of work in certain areas of queensland atm due to the floods so maybe temp sponer for quick get in might be best but i know which way i would go.
  3. thank you very much i know the perm visa will take longer but as you say atleast i wont have the worry of having to come back after 12 months.
  4. GaryM05

    GaryM05 Guest

    hi Mark ,am Gary from Glasgow, am selling up here and wanting to go permanent to Queensland as a carpenter/joiner.I have received information from an agent .I have been quoted 6 grand for absolutely everything i need both to get there and when i arrive there .It maybe a bit more costly but its worth going permanent .Good luck

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