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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by elise.o, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. elise.o

    elise.o New Member


    Just got back from our holiday in Australia and visited two schools whilst we were in Brisbane, Kenmore and Indooroopilly high school.

    We didn't actually get a tour of Kenmore school so haven't seen what the facilities/classrooms are like.

    I liked Indooroopilly state high school more and so was wondering if anyone knows of the school or goes to the school. I'm 15 years old and if we moved in UK summer 2011 then I would have just turned 16.
    As I would be joining halfway into the school year, I would have the decision to go into year 10 or year 11. I think it would be easier for me academically to go into year 10, but I am worried because that will mean I will be about a year older than everyone else!

    Has anyone else had to make this decision? And does anyone my age go to this school at the moment??

    I'd just like opinions of both schools and it would be good to actually know someone who would be in the same year as me if i joined!

    thanks, elise :)

  2. lornam

    lornam Guest

    Hi, I am thinking of sending my two boys to Indro High. I know a few kids who go there and enjoy it. I have never been to Kenmore for an open day but it suits some kids. Indro is more multi cultural. Kenmore does German as a language rather than Spanish/Chinese. Kenmore have a school uniform and looks 'nicer'. A lot of kids here are 'held back' a year so either way should be OK for you. Hope this helps.
  3. elise.o

    elise.o New Member

    thanks for replying :)
    how old are your boys?
    do you know if the school does any subjects that have some psychology in them? i know that they don't teach it as a subject in queensland but was wondering if any subjects included it??
  4. lornam

    lornam Guest

    Hi again,

    My boys are 9 and 11. My older boy is in year 6 and will go into year 7 next year so we have a bit of time before worrying about High School. I know two girls around your age (maybe a year younger) at Indro and they seem to enjoy it. One of them I've known for quite a while so I may be able to put you in touch with her if you're interested. My son has friends who have older brothers at Indro High but they've taken exams to get into the Toowong Academy.

    Queensland Academy of Science Maths and Technology - Home
    Queensland Academy of Science Maths and Technology - Education program

    These are two links to the Toowong Academy. They appear to do Psychology but I don't know how you'd be fixed for getting in. If you need any other info feel free to ask and I'll do my best!
  5. elise.o

    elise.o New Member

    That would be good if she doesn't mind! I'd feel more comfortable knowing someone at the school if we moved.
    Ok thanks will look into it. :)

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