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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by Terry Cottenham, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. I am looking towards importing my Audi S3 Car to Brisbane. Does anyone know of the costs involved to do this?

  2. BrizzyLizzy

    BrizzyLizzy Guest


    Hi Terry,

    Just Wanted to let you know that it costs over $10,000! Ridiculous price for an average car. Listen I don't think that you should import it over because you can get them here at much cheaper prices

  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Terry
    Lots of people look into bringing their cars once they have seen how much cars (especially 2nd hand) cost here, very few ever go through with it because of the costs and red tape involved. Re- sale value of your vehicle should you import it is also drastically reduced and almost impossible to ever trade in as it would be classed as a 'grey import', lots of companys also 'fail to mention' the costs involved once your vehicle touches Australian soil.

    Please read this blog below from a guy who moved to WA and did import his car,,,

    First things you should know.

    1. If you have have owned your vehicle for more than 12 months then you are allowed to import it. You must provide proof of purchase from the previous owner or a copy of the invoice from the garage you purchased it from.

    2. Download and complete this form VSB10

    3. Send this form with payment, photocopy of your passport including the blank pages and PR visa, Copy of DVLA V5-log book, photo copy of original receipt or invoice, a copy of your driving license, all to be sent to Canberra. Failure to get a import license will result in your beloved car being crushed at the keyside.

    4.Once you receive your photo copy of the shipping license then this must be shipped with vehicle. Remember to complete the section on your DVLA V5 log book, permanent export of your vehicle. We sent this off to DVLA a few days before the car left the country.

    5. Makes sure your vehicle is 100% clean. Our shipping company did not clean our vehicle correctly for AQIS and were charged $400 to get it decontaminated. Dried road debris and mud under wheel arches is not accepted.

    6. On arrival to WA notify canberra of your new address and they will send genuine documents that you must produce at their inspection stations ( The Pits ) when getting your vehicle checked for road safety.

    7. Also when your vehicle arrives you will have to arrange for the RAC to value your car for customs and excise. You must pay this duty before you get your car(Her majesty has double wammied me !). You also need to contact the department of infrastructure for a temp 48 hr road license to drive from bonded storage to your house.

    8. Before you take your car for testing make sure you have child safety clips secured to the boot floor. These are not on any uk vehicle. These can be purchased here in WA at ToysRus for $12 each. You need 3 sets.

    9. Call the department of infrastructure and obtain another temp 48 hour license to drive to the nearest Pits. Be prepared for a very long wait. We waited 5 hours and had to do this 3 times. 1st inspection, Our 2 year old car failed for child seat clips. Our 2nd visit the car was passed and we had to send a form off to Melbourne, fao Niddrie name plates. We had to wait a further 10 days on obtaining a yellow PIP (personal import plate) that you stick inside the passenger doorwell. Our 3rd visit was another 5 hour wait for them to inspect the sticker and issue rego plates.

    You have to very patient when visiting the pits as the WA inspectors are total w*nkers and extremely rude. They do not rush.

    Its a lot of hassle but I think it was worth it as 2nd hand vehicles here in WA are very expensive. Just make sure you have all the correct paperwork and your shipping company cleans your car properly and then it should be easy.
  4. shunzi

    shunzi Guest

    What about the cost of importing a motorcycle (most treasured husbands Harley!)??
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Have a good look on and Ebay ,, Harleys are pretty much two a penny over here so you would need to work out how much he could buy one for here and if its worth shipping.
    As with cars it would still have to undergo an assesment on arrival here to have the appropiate conversations carried out.

    Cal x

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