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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by hinx, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. hinx

    hinx Guest

    hiya peeps im new to this site and im just at the start of the process lodged tra app last week and hopefully looking to live in brisbane.

  2. Australstar

    Australstar Guest


    Hi to you :)

    Welcome to the site.

    So your at the begining then, well getting everything in order for the TRA is a quite a task, so you have made a big step already, believe me!
    So good luck with your submission.

    Hopefully you will find some useful advice & info on the site.

    Have you been out to Oz before?


    Trev & Jamie
  3. hinx

    hinx Guest


    i have been to oz twice now had a good time got to see it more 2nd time round have you been????
  4. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    Hi New One!

    Yeah we visited over to Brisbane & Sydney in October 2002 & didn't want to come back!

    The TRA only took 7 days with my trade cert but the visa is taking a lot longer :(

    We are chaffing the bit to go out there!

    At present we are trying to get ahndle on suitable suburbs to live in - not easy form here !

    Trev & Jamie

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