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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by MoveOver, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. MoveOver

    MoveOver Guest

    I'm a Pom living in Brisbane and I run a relocation company. Check out our website you may find our services useful - We can also help with your mortgage - we are affiliated with licensed mortgage consultants who specialise in expat mortgages.
    Let me know if we can help


    WE4GRIFFS Guest

    Hi,or nearly G'Day,

    We are coming over in mid march now, and it is all starting to escalate and come together really quickly. There is my self Steve, my wife Jo and our two kids, aged 11 and 6. We are really excited and nervous at the moment as all the emotions are kicking in. I know deep down that this move down under is probably the best gift in life I could ever offer my kids - a brighter future.

    We are coming over on 2 year 457 visa with the aim to get fultime residency in that time. im in the medical business - supplying not doing the procedures so to speak.

    We have been looking on the net with SMH domain at alllsorts of properties. ideally a modern 4 bed to rent for he first 12 months, but maybe we need to do a short term rental in a suburb before we commit longer. So, do you know of any short term rentals in either Brisbane areas or northern Gold Coast and also long term rental?

    What areas do or would you consider ideal for a young family without upsetting anybody?

    Also I have read in the mags that my TV wont work and then i have heard that it will. Its a modern Plasma by Panasonic - I know we both ue the PAL systems but slightly different. Do I sell it here in Uk or bring it? Does any body have experience or advise?

    Also schooling, As we are on a sponsored visa do you have any advise on fees for schooling of the kids? Again info is difficult to obtain and is somewhat ambiguous.

    If we settled in the northern Goald Coast - Coomera, Hope Island, how far and long is it to commute into CBD Brisbane? Is BAy side Brisbane a better bet?

    Plenty of questions there, so sorry if rather inquisative.

    Would love advise nad knowledge.

    Many thanks

    Steve, Jo and the kids - presently in Warrington, Cheshire.
  3. MoveOver

    MoveOver Guest

    A time of mixed emotions I think - but, we have never looked back - this really is a great place to raise your family and the best gift you can give your children. They can always go back to the UK to live and work if they choose to - you have given them the choice. I feel very privileged to be be able to choose which country I live in - not everyone gets that opportunity.
    There are many good areas here - it really depends whether you want beach and where you'll be working. Most rentals are 6 months or 12 months I always recommend you get 6 months just in case you don't like it - although you can always break your lease earlier at a cost. I have placed a few families in Redland Bay - there are some great new developments over there and it seems to be very popular with Brits. Redland Bay is 40k out of Brisbane CBD and - about a 30 minute commute with no traffic - more in peak hour and about 30 minutes to Surfers Paradise.
    Schools - state schools in most suburbs. There are a lot of private schools although the cost is much less than in UK - anything from $1500 - $14000pa. It is my understanding that the tv's from UK don't work - maybe there is some new technology and they do now - check it out with your removals company - any reputable international removers should be able to give you that information.
    Well done on your choice of city - Im sure you won't regret it - Brisbane has a lot going for it as has Australia itself

    WE4GRIFFS Guest

    Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for your quick reply and your feedback.

    I have also visited your web site and am keen to chat more about services you could assist us with prior to, or on arrival.

    I will go to your site and send you my email address so I can discuss in more detail how you may help our move more easy.

    I am looking at AngloPacific for removals. He has been today and said that if I use Foxtel I could use my TV - although I am still not convinced.
    What is the cost of a decent 37" Panasonic Plasma TV out there?

    Look to speak to you soon.

    Steve Jo and kids

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