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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by hubbert0403, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. hubbert0403

    hubbert0403 Guest

    Hi, we will be moving to Brisbane in next few months and wondering if you can help. Hubby will be working in Brisbane itself, but looking for areas away from Brisbane up to an hour commute. There is only hubby and I so dont need to think about schools etc, our interests are walking swimming culture and general relaxation away from work. Was initially looking at Martins bay area

  2. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Is Martins bay in NZ? Moreton Bay I'm guessing. Would help to know what you mean by looking away from Brisbane? In other words, why? What are you moving far away to hope to achieve? Culture you would be far better to be as close to Brisbane as possible. Note that Brisbane is very suburban and you can still find many peaceful places near the city that include bush walking etc but it comes back to why you are looking for areas away from Brisbane?
  3. hubbert0403

    hubbert0403 Guest

    Sorry dont know why I keep putting Martins Bay, looking at Victoria Point area, we have always lived in a rural area and assumed the further away from the city you were the more rural, we dont care much for city living and like the option to visit the hussle and bussle a city offers.
  4. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Not really, some Australian cities are a bit different to that. Brisbane is suburban very quickly and stays suburban for a long time. I live 4-5km from the city centre now and I find my life now feels less stressful "city like" than it felt when I lived 15km away. Strange but because I no longer have to deal with long commutes in heavy traffic each day I avoid the stressed big city feel without losing any benefit I had 15km out. If I lived at Victoria Point my life would still just be suburban, rather than rural, but with a far longer commute in traffic or PT.

    There are specific places that are more rural in feel (ie start to feel less suburban) but they tend to be the more horsey type places west of the city in the Samford Valley, Upper Brookfield and places like that. The bayside will have some more rural feel pockets if you look around but most just live in suburban housing estates. Also if you head right out of Brisbane north or south past the last of the commuter belt it will feel more rural in places.

    Some Brisbane suburbs are very self contained and quiet set amongst the trees and close to country drives (The Gap) but not too far from the they may be quiet enough that you don't feel the need to be rural. Not sure whether it is specifically rural you want or just quiet, family life...
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2012
  5. hubbert0403

    hubbert0403 Guest

    Thank you so much for that, it all makes sence now I have been researching a little bit more, but hubby just informed he will mainly be working in Wacol. Still looking at the Wellington Point, Birkdale area but not many properties to rent. We ideally wanted the coast but it looks like we will be amending our decision, will research more on The Gap. Once again for the help

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