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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by CATBALLOU, Sep 2, 2008.



    Hello, i'm new on here and pretty naff with computers so it may take some time to work stuff out! I am desperate however to find out how and if we (family of three) can move to Brisbane-and how difficult it is etc!? I've filled out some online visa query forms and pushy sales folk call me back pestering for more information to help us with the application-which we havent even 100% decided to make? What is the process? Is it really as hard as it seems? How much does this all cost? Do i need an agent to do my application! and more importantly whats life like in Brisbane? I want to hear stories about life over there? other peoples moving experience (legal process/cost/time scales etc) please please help!!!!!!!!!!:frown:

  2. scunnybunny

    scunnybunny Guest

    Hi Cat and welcome.

    Firstly you need to determine whether or not your skill/job that you can offer is on the Occupation in demand skills list.

    Then find a reccommended agent like

    Visa Bureau
    overseas Emigration
    Go matilda

    and ring and ask them for a brief chat about your chances of getting a visa most will give you a free 15/20 min consultation with no obligation.

    You dont have to use an agent and to be honest I cant remember how much mine cost but on top of their fees will be medicals, police checks, visa application fee, skills assessment fee.

    Prices have changed since I did mine so sorry I cant give you a price.

    Once you have found out if you can get a visa and what type then you can research to your hearts content.

    Good luck



    Thanks very much for your help! i will speak to them again then-many thanks! all other stories welcome-i need as much info as possible! many thanks x:wub:

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