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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by patwhitehouse2007, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. patwhitehouse2007

    patwhitehouse2007 New Member

    After putting my home up for sale in order to finance a move to Oz we have had a acceptable offer. The problem is we have stalled the buyers as suddenly we ( though my wife in particular) are starting to question whether we will be able to live the life we want if we move. I am 44 years old With 3 kids and would only have £50-60k to bring. My wife doesn't want to rent forever so could I secure a mortgage in a few years??
    I am a plumber/gasfitter so I assume I should find well paid work at some point.
    We are hoping to come to Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast area.
    I really want to do this but don't want to let my wife and kids down.
    Am I over reacting and are the nerves I feel natural???
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  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I think deep down only your wife and yourself know if your doing the right thing.

    From my personal experience and from reading these forums for a few years, it is normal to have doubts and worrys as the time to leave the UK draws closer. Migrating is after all a huge move.

    If your prepared for what awaits, happy to adjust to Australian ways then theres no reason why the move shouldnt work. We are coming up for our 6 year anniversary and have no desire to return to the UK. Dont get me wrong the first few years are tough and im lucky i had a good understanding partner to 'humor' me through my tantrums and stamping of feet,lol, (yes now i can laugh, back then i just wanted to cry). The sooner you get a routine, get the kids in school, find work and hobbies etc the better things can be,all of the above are great ways of meeting people and making new friendships.

    Good Luck with your decision whatever it may be

    Cal x
  3. patwhitehouse2007

    patwhitehouse2007 New Member

    Thanks Cal
    We have accepted the offer and we are going for it. I think I saw you guys on the TV in the UK a few months back.
    Maybe helped me make my decision....


  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, You probably did , i hope they put a date warning on though as the original was filmed in 2006 and the update 2009 so all costs a tad out of date now,lol.. That filiming was my reccie,lol, i wouldnt have stepped foot on aussie soil prior to the actual move if the offer of making WDU hadnt been given us,lol.. Its good to watch it back when we want a chuckle or to take the pee out of each other for a while,lol

    Make sure you are aware of the licencing hoops you will have to jump through and the costs involved, unfortunately plumber, Gas fitters and electricians seem hardest hit.

    Cal x

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