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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by bladder, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. bladder

    bladder Guest

    Hi all,
    Just discovered this site, we got our visas through 3 weeks ago, agreed the sale of the house last week, so once the solicitors are done, we're off!
    We are moving over to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, my trade is suspended ceilings and partitions, wondered if anyone out there knows of much building work coming off in the area. My other half is a nurse, so we should be laughing ay! I've been told that the Gold Coast has lots of work going on for me, but I don't really fancy living down there too much, a commute to Brissy is ok, as I'm used to travelling 1hr to work here, only difference being the distance covered during that hour.
    Can't wait to get over and start a new life, away from the mess that our country is rapidly becoming, this nanny state business drives me up the wall. Too much racism and thuggery here for my liking, yob culture is rife, I've had enough.
    I went over to Oz for a rekky in Feb, and was really pleased with how I found it, bring it on!
    Good luck to all of you still in the process of application, it's a real pain I know, but once you get that visa, it's a great feeling.
    Bloody hell, I didn't mean to go off one one, so I'll sign off.

  2. greatgal

    greatgal Guest

    good on ya!!

    good on ya!me and hubbie still humming and arring.well he aint but i,m not sure.hes a drainer so been told we srand a good chance of being accepted,but its just making the decision for me>What if?etc etc.hope everything goes well for you in your new life,caloundra sounds good,we quite like the idea of queensland.Just waiting for me to make a decision......
  3. bladder

    bladder Guest

    Thanks greatgal,
    My advise is -
    IF YOU NEVER GO...... YOU NEVER KNOW! (profound or what?)
    We have the philosophy that we'd rather regret DOING something, than regret NOT DOING something!
    We are all different I suppose, it is a difficult thing to do, but it's a case of weighing up the reasons for moving, against the reasons for staying.
    Good luck anyway.

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