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Discussion in 'North & Far North QLD' started by Em_10, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Em_10

    Em_10 New Member

    Hi all you Far North Qld residents;

    I just wanted to ask about the wet season up in Cairns and Port Douglas and enquire just how wet is wet?

    My husband and I are thinking of moving up there towards the end of this year (2012) and we'd like to know which months are the wettest and what type of weather we can expect. We know that Jan through March seems to be when most of the rain falls but in particular what is it like during the wet season?

    Is the rain torrential all day and night or does it rain more at night?
    Which month is the wettest?
    Does the sun still shine throughout the wet season or is it cloudy/overcast most days throughout the wet season?

    We have a lawn mowing and gardening service and we are concerned about how this will go in the wet season given that things will grow at a very fast rate given the rain and humidity - but does the sun actually shine to give the ground a chance to dry and you a chance to actually get out and mow your lawn?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

  2. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    I am so sorry I have only just seen this post. You are probably already here enjoying your new life. I will reply so that anyone else heading to Cairns will know the answer.
    Well the 2012/2013 wet season hasn't happened, we had rain whilst Ex TC Ozzie went over but it lasted a few days and rained very quickly. Usually when the rain comes it comes and 2 seconds outside and you are thoroughly soaked. It doesn't rain every day, in fact since November when the wet season started we have hardly had anything at all.
    Which month is the wettest really depends on what is happening and how many lows we have. You will be fine with the gardening business as things do grow very quickly but you also have the chance to get out there and work.
    We lived in Melbourne for 8 years and to be honest there were more wet days down there than anywhere I have lived since leaving the UK. The only reason Cairns shows more rainfall is because when it comes down it really does pour.

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