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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by hugh&isis, May 24, 2010.

  1. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    Hi everyone, we new to the site but hope we can get some valuable information about Brisbane as Hugh and I are very interested in moving to Brisbane, i have a cousin who moved there with her fiance and has given the place rave reviews. My line of work in a medical nurse, but am looking into going into CCU and critical care, are there any other nurses on this forum if there are how much am i looking to earn, and how much after tax i have 5 years experience so far? Thanks for any replies.

    Ps we've just had a daughter what are the shifts like as well?

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Sorry I can't help you with nursing stuff, but welcome to the forum anyway!!!


  3. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    Thanks for welcoming us, there doesnt seem to be alot of information on nurses on the forum, anyway nice to meet you Rudi.

    Isis xxx:smile:
  4. Pricey

    Pricey Guest

    Hi there, I've been in Critical Care nursing for five years and looking to move to Oz at end of year. Have you done ITU before, if not I'd strongly recommened that to try it before you go. Critical care is not for everyone although I love it. I don't know what Ozzy hospitals are like reguarding experience but most trusts in the UK want post reg experience in similar areas. As for rates of pay I am using an agency, Health Staff Recuirment who are really good with reguards to informing you on pay etc. I cannot remember the last pay scale they gave me
    I also recommend that you book for your Ilets asap as I found it really difficult to find a slot to get on it.
  5. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    Hugh and i are looking to move in 2 years time, have already applied for a position in CCU-ICU, you work in both so will get some critical care training in ICU, i already know i enjoy Cardiology will see how ICU is if i get this job fingers crossed. I have 5 years experience in the medical directorate so far, how long has it taken you to get your visa and are you being sponsored, hope i am not being intrusive but trying to find out all we can about moving to Oz. Hope all goes well for you, end of the year in near so do stay on the forum once you there and keep me posted.

    Thanks, Isis xx:smile:
  6. Pricey

    Pricey Guest

    Well I'm currently waiting for my registration from the Queensland Nursing Board which can take up to 3 months and then I'll apply for my visa. My agent says it will only take about 6 months for the whole process if everything runs smoothly, however I am on my own with no ties here. My agent posts my CV around as we've discussed what sort of jobs I want etc and I'm planning on being sponsored
    Good luck with the job, ITU can be hard at times but stick with it and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I could never do anything else now Xx
  7. hugh&isis

    hugh&isis New Member

    Thanks for the reply jobs are so far and between the now in the uk so didnt get the critical care post here, you'll know what i'm talking about. They were hundreds of applicants for the post here in glasgow. Will keep in the medical wards the now well for the next 2 years till we can move, just wish we thought of moving sooner before we starting buying house etc.... Well too late now needs be we'll work towards moving once we ready. i'm 5 years post experience do you have any idea what i would earn in oz i'll prob be 7 to 8 years experience by the time we go, you can private mail me or email me if you want ill give you my email add.

    Thanks so much for all your info and do keep in touch, havent been on forum for a while but will keep in touch.

    Isis :smile:
  8. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    my wife and i are lookin to go to oz if you look on the aphra web site you dont need to do your ielts test if youve done your schoolin in eng what agent are you using weve been quoted 2200 pound just for his services does this sound somethin like
  9. nikki macdonald

    nikki macdonald New Member

    Hiya Isis i live in st.helens and work at wigan infirmary i hae been qualified 6 years i have worked in general medicine, and for 2 years now i have worked in ccu (coronary care) i sent my cv to a couple of hospitals and they have said they like people to have 3 years expierience in one area, im gutted really cos we are just registering with AHPRA which is the 1st stage and i really wanted to stay in ccu. If you hear any different give me a shout xx

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