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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by lorna2610, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. lorna2610

    lorna2610 New Member

    Hi there, just a quick question went for medicals today for 175 visa me and youngest son who is 10 weeks passed with flying colours but my husband james who is the main visa applicant as he is in IT has been asked to see our gp when they did the urine sample they discovered quite a lot of sugar and traces of blood they think it may be the start of diabetes (his mum has it) he has been tested before and there was no sign they also asked for our nearly 4yr old son to see our gp aswell they said he seemed a little immature for his age and he was wearing a nappy we had to drive from leeds to manchester for our medical so it seemed practical also in the last couple of months i have had a baby and we have been involved in a car crash where the car was written off so we have had a lot going on since the start of dec both he and hubby are booked in with our gp for monday, my question is could any of these things make us fail our medicals, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
    Many Thanks


  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Diabetes in itself should not be a problem as it is normally very controllable and as you would be paying for your medications in Australia, I think there would be little or no cost to the Australian system, and that is what they are concerned about if your medicals get referred. However Sugar in the urine does not always mean you have diabetes. It could also mean that your husband had been drinking a lot of sugar that day. (Was he drinking any soft drinks during the journey).

    I will try to explain why. If you imagine a mug is your body. As more sugar is added then the mug (body) fills up, when you have had to much it overflows and the waste sugar is runs over the sides.
    The sugar in your body once it is full and cannot process anymore and overflows is removed from your body in the urine, so the urine can have excess sugar on occasions, because the body is full and removing what it does not need. Your Doctor will do a keytone’s test for this (probably) to see if is insulin level can deal with the body sugar (glucose) levels

    (In the same way many parents will not give children sweets because they say the sugar makes them hyperactive. It’s not true the body removes excess sugar. It’s normally the additives that make the kids hyperactive).

    As for your son, I have never known two children mature and progress at the same speed. See what your doctor says, but don’t worry too much.
  3. lorna2610

    lorna2610 New Member

    No he had no soft drinks at all during the journey, I think myself that the doctor is just trying to be really thorough but it was scary
  4. srp

    srp No longer active member

    My daughter had a positive result at a new doctors surgery we attended once, and had to go back a week later and it was all clear. It could just be a one off result, (it could also be his urine testing strips were out of date and gave a false positive. I have known that to happen).

    But the main thing is even if positive, it is not a disaster can be controlled with medication, and should not be a barrier to your emigration.
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I have met quite a few people who have migrated here with diabetes ,it shouldnt affect your application at all. I do hope both your hubby and son are fine but really i wouldnt worry about the visa because of it.
    Fingers crossed their next tests are clear
    Cal x

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