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Discussion in 'Money & Finance' started by Brisneyland, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Brisneyland

    Brisneyland Guest

    Would like to put some money into my UK based HSBC account but Westpac charge $20 per transfer.:mad:

  2. Moneycorp currency transfers
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    It will depend on what sort of amount you are talking about. I occasionally send some money to my children in the Uk and i use PayPal. if you wish to send larger amounts then look at the money transfer companies, such as Moneycorp. give them a ring and see what they want to charge you. I believe that if you contact Moneycorp and tell them you are a member of our sister site site "PomsInOz" you get reduced fees. But there are a lot of companies around that do money transfer. Shop around and see what is the best.
  4. John From Moneycorp

    John From Moneycorp Foreign Exchange Expert

    Hi all

    Just to confirm, if you are a Brits in Brisbane member (please state this when contacting Moneycorp), you would not pay any transfer fees when sending your money to or from Australia – there are no other fees payable to Moneycorp.


  5. Brisneyland

    Brisneyland Guest

    Sounds great. Could I set up a direct debit transfer from Westpac through to Moneycorp and then on to my HSBC account?
  6. John From Moneycorp

    John From Moneycorp Foreign Exchange Expert


    We have a direct debit facility from the UK which you could automate your money transfers through your UK account (this is not available from Australia).


  7. taffy

    taffy Guest

    You can also send money via hifx they do not charge as well and give you a good rate

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