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Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by afiyafifi, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. afiyafifi

    afiyafifi Guest

    Hey This Has Got To Be Worth A Try , We Have A Lovely Two Bedroomed Cottage In North Wales For Sale .if Anyone Is Intrested In More Details Just Pm Me .... Karen

  2. Kate

    Kate Guest

    Hi Karen,
    Wishful thinking I reckon as we are all in same boat. On the other hand if anyone is after a lovely 4 bed house in rural Shropshire..........................

    Good luck with your sale (hope you are getting more viewers than we are!)

  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hvae you guys tried Ebay ,you never know and people all over the world can see it,good luck it was quiet this time last year on the selling front but picked up after easter ,,fingers crossed for yas!
    Cal x
  4. afiyafifi

    afiyafifi Guest

    Hi Kate , good luck with your sale too hun , things are really slow at the moment , we have had 4 viewings since last may not good ....take care karen
  5. afiyafifi

    afiyafifi Guest

    Thanks for that cal will give it a try , will try anything at the moment its been on the market nearly a year now getting desparate ... karen x

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