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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Jo, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Jo

    Jo Guest

    Hi evryone!
    Just wanted to say "hello" and introduce myself! And ask for help!
    We are making a very short trip (2 weeks!!) in Aug heading for Brisbane to have a look around for when (fingers crossed) we get our visas. We've booked our flights just need help of places to stay and see. Really appreciate any info.
    Jo x

  2. Hi

    We can't help with places to stay but are in the same situation. We are looking to emigrate to Brisbane when we get our visas and will need to make a trip over there to search for houses, employment and schools etc. Please keep in touch and we can share any information we get!

    Sarah and Neil
  3. eddie

    eddie Guest

    places to stay in Brisbane

    Hi Jo
    We've just returned from 2 weeks in Brisbane. Our flight arrival was late so we pre-booked hotel (Comfort Inn), very near to airport. I certainly wouldn't recomment it.
    We hired a camper to travel around in and stayed at The Big Four camp site on the south side of Brisbane (around 10 minutes bus ride to the Brisbane centre).
    We opted for the camper as there are loads of campsites on the fringes of Brisbane. We also met a lot of locals at these camp sites, very friendly, giving us a lot of info.
    Spent a couple of days at the Gold Coast and a couple of days on the Sunshine Coast. Spent countless hours driving around Brisbane suburbs, in the north, still unsure of where we'll end up.
    I'd recomment a campervan, although quite costly, a good way of talking to locals and saves finding accommodation.
    If you find any info on Brisbane suburbs would appreciate your knowledge. Hope your journey is as good as ours.
    Eddie and Tina
  4. Angie P

    Angie P Guest

    Hi Guy's
    Check out if I can help in any way jut drop me an email.
    Best of luck to all who are waiting/applying for visa's, it is stressful the waiting seems forever but... IT IS WORTH IT!!!
    Good Luck.

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