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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by trev, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. trev

    trev Guest

    Hi, Moving to Brisbane Bayside in December 06 with my family and we are all excited and full of hope for a better future

    Regards Trev

  2. mandytuck

    mandytuck Guest

    Hi, just found this site. Wondering how you are getting on in Oz. Is it what you expected or have you come across any problems yet? 8)
  3. trev

    trev Guest

    Hi ya
    Been here for nearly 6 months now & still feels like were on holiday.
    Not realy had any major problems, settling into a job was a little difficult, I am a plumber and although trades are wanted over here, they dont tell you that to gain a plumbers licence you need to obtain other certificates to earn a decent salary. wife works in recruitment. plenty of jobs over here though.
    Dont miss the UK and its weather. But miss a decent Curry.
    Its also nice to wake up in the morning & look out and see a blue sky every day, and your never far from a beach.
    Renting a property, but looking to buy a place with pool when lease expires ( couldnt afford to do that in the uk, but over here the avarage joe has a pool).
    At this stage, feel we made the right move. Regards Trev
  4. villapom

    villapom Guest

    How you doing

    Im a refrigeration mechanic by trade, but am having trouble getting settled in a job, cus i also wasnt told that i would need a different licence over here,and to get this i need a job but cant get a job cus nobody will give me one without it so i cant win, So i think it is a waste of time the TRA,

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