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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by gordon, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. gordon

    gordon Guest

    hi all im at the stage where you think am i ever going to get in just found out about tra not acepting on job work experiance as i have no formal city and giles in vehicle body building having worked for the uks largest coachbuilder for over twelve years awaiting the changes in july to see if they change in my favour so many ups nnd downs getting very crabbitt has any body out there got any advice as to what other routes icould go down and how to contact employers to see if they are willing toassist me in getting over there in limbo cheers gordon

  2. Lou

    Lou Guest

    Hi Gordon,

    Have you tried contacting an agent, they will be able to discuss any options open to you. Most of them offer a free no obligation consultation initially. They are probably in the best position to help you decide whats best for you.

    Good luck, hopefully they will change the TRA rules again in July to help people like you who have loads of valuable experience but not the formal qualifications.
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    hiya dont give up ,,there will be a way.Firstly i strongly with lou about contacting an agent ,Go Matilda and Visa bureau are 2 good ones.Have you looked into sponsership,it could be an option? and as anyone mentioned pathway b to you? this should give an option for people in your situation with no written qualification.Also i would strongly recommend posting a similar messageto this on our father forum ,preferably in the migration section,a few good agents use the site and will offer good advice ,we also have a moderator under the name of gollywobbler ,it may well be worth sending her a pm as she has managed to help people who thought they had no chance before ,she is very good and honest,say i sent you
    good luck
    Cal x
  4. alles

    alles New Member

    coach builder

    :confused:Hi mate dont be down what type of work did you do on coach building and did you take any courses in your 12 years of work if so please tell me what they are you just never know what you might have all the best alan T.:wink:
  5. WelshDebzs

    WelshDebzs Guest

    Hey Gordon

    We are going down the student visa route OH training just outside Brisbane its an expensive route but I agree with prev posts re agents. We are using this is australia who are based surfers paradise. They are both recommended on PIO and offer free advise dont pay for anything up front :confused:

    There will be a way im sure:wub:

    Good Luck

  6. Big J

    Big J Guest

    hi,could you please explain the student visa route,i have been a self-employed plasterer for written quals but would be prepared to get oz quals to get in ! many thanks Big J
  7. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Big J ,if your young enough and willing to get qualifications id be tempted to do something else,they dont plaster over here like in the uk ,its more of boards up tape on and fill over tape.Jobs are out there but not as easily found as youd expect,carpentry etc is an excellent way in with loads of job vacancies this end,good luk
    Cal x
  8. Big J

    Big J Guest

    thanks cal for your reply,only trouble is im 37 and if i get new quals id have to work in that trade for a couple of years before i apply for visa.any ideas please ?
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Id be tempted to contact every house builder you can find and see if any are willing to sponser you,failing that try and get over for a few weeks and approach companys in person (worked for us),building is booming down here at the moment and the goverment are now fast tracking new land estates as theres not enough houses ,so that should mean even more demand for you guys.If you could get here im sure youd get work,the 2 plasters ive relocated both got jobs within 3 weeks but like you say its the getting here thats the problem.The student route is being used as a last resort for lots of people and is providing them with a way in ,it does however come with lots of financial ties and no real help from this end once your here.Have you looked into sponsership via a company rather than state? hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  10. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Paul is a plasterer by trade and only had experience, no formal qualifications..He has qualifications as an Electrician but no experience..He got in on his experience as a plasterer..Am I right in thinking to apply now you would have to have both experience and qualifications??

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