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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by Gill & Dave, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi there, as mentioned previously, we are emigrating in February and wanted to know what is best to do when we arrive at the airport. Are we best hiring a car from there or would we be better off finding a hire place nearby? If so, would we need to get a taxi to the nearest hire place? Don't know what time of day we would be arriving though, that is the thing. We are hopefully going to be staying in Brisbane Holiday Village, so how long would it take to drive from the airport to there and what info do you put into the sat navs over there? Is it the post code or road name etc? Sorry, stupid question I know! Thanks for any help x

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Id hire one from East Coast who are located just outside the airport. They are cheaper because they arent airport based and collect you and take you to their depot. I know alot of familys who have used them and been happy.

    You can hire a sat nav when you book the car.

    Cal x
  3. Jit7

    Jit7 Guest

    Dont hire a car from the airport as it will be more expensive. We made that mistake when we came here in holiday. This time we got a taxi as we didnt need a car straight away. It cost $50 to Kangaroo Point which is pretty much in the city. If you need a car straight away its best what Cal suggested.They may charge just an extra $10 for the sat nav which is fine.
  4. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Thanks guys, great advice. x
  5. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi gill & dave we arrived last week and we used east coast rentals they are brillant we have even rang and extended the rental with no problems good luck on your move its exciting x
  6. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi Andie, hope you are enjoying your new life. I am having serious wobbles at the moment, this is the week where we have to book the removals, holiday village and flights and am having serious second thoughts. How have you found your first week? Have you got any tips for us?? x
  7. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    we did it the other way as my hubby got offered a job here we had to pack up and move within 5 months so we havent shipped anything over we have just started afresh so to speak we secured a house as soon as we were about to leave aunty works for east coast rentals so she had the car ready on stanby for us arriving once we arrived we went straight to our new home and managed on blow up[ beds it was fun for the kids lol.i did have very serious doubts about moving as my yougest has bad asthma but since we got here i have not used it once.the lifestyle is very relaxed here its way is to look at you moving here is to think of it as one big holiday lol try and not stress too much about moving here as once here you see its the best thing ever at the minute its very hot but i believe in feb its cooling down abit then.if you have any questions just ask i will try and help as much as i can i know the feelings your having but honestly its the best thing you will ever do


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