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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by guppy19, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. guppy19

    guppy19 Guest

    im rachel,i live in england at the moment but im probly moving to oz in like november,i want to make some emailing friends,im probly moving to brisbane so if u live there that will be best but ill talk to people from anywhere cos meeting ppl is fun!! Im 14, i like sports eg.skiing,surfin,skateboarding,roller/ice skating,trampolining,biking,then all like running and basketball and i like :green day, my chemical romance, fall out boy, good charlotte, lost prophets, yellow card, panic! at the disco, blink 182, The all american rejects, HIM, Aiden, hoobstank, Placebo, Muse, Taking back sunday, Area 15, boy kill boy, A.F.I, The killers, The raconteurs, Foo fighters, The faint, MXPX, Simple plan, The used, Snow patrol, Thrice, Cooter, Billy talent, Rise against, avenged sevenfold, stone sour, disturbed, sum41, anti flag, linkin park, wednesday 13, atreyu, incubus, paramore, razorlight,pink,Alexisonfire,enter shikiri,keane.Erm i love animals and i am interested in like marine biology as a job mabe.i like art and writing poems i also enjoy geography,german,fod tech,science . i hate maths.I have a dog called meg. Nows the fun part u tell me about u!!!Post stuff on the forum and ill reply!!
    Look forward to any replies,
    Rach :D [/img]

  2. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Hey Guppy 19

    Are you bringing Meg over? I am a blue merle rough collie and my parents brought me over 5 months ago. It was all a bit traumatic as I got sick in England whilst my parents we in Oz. I finally turned up after not seeing them and my human brothers (4 & 2) for 11 weeks. It is fab over here although there are paralysis ticks and cane toads and snakes that can kill me. How come a 14 year old likes decent music? Don't ya like pop idol? Anyway I've gotta go now.

  3. guppy19

    guppy19 Guest

    reply to boomer

    ok hi ,
    That was really wierd first u talked like a person then u said u were a dog then u said i liked good music and should like pop idol cos im 14..... random......But anyway yes meg is coming with us,we couldnt leave her behind she is part of the family. Was the purpose of that post to try and stop me bringing her over cos that is what it sounded like with the stuff about snakes ect?You dont have to pretend to b a dog to talk to me u no its kinda wierd but funny. i used to like pop idol like when i was about 8 but now i just like better music... if u think the music i like is decent... can u tell me if there is any like radio or music tv with good music on?Can you tell me anything interesting about brisbane like sports or conservation or animals (not deadly ones to make me worried about meg) or about like well anything? thanks
  4. bryam99

    bryam99 Guest

    Hi Guppy19
    we are moving to brissy in 3 weeks time.
    our son is 16 and into skateboarding in a big way, if you are there already, maybe you can let him know if there are any good skateparks around the area. My daughter is 12, she likes swimming and stuff but isnt much into sports over here, maybe the aussie sunshine will remedy that eh!
    Let us know how you get on x
  5. guppy19

    guppy19 Guest

    skateparks and stuff..

    Im not sure about skateparks in the city cos were living on bribie island now which is about an hour from brisbane ( you should look here because its very nice ) . There are 2 skateparks on bribie apparently but ive only seen one which is quite close by and there is nearly always people there and there is also a youth centre there and some mud jumps for bmx's and a basket ball net.
    Also on bribie there is a surf beach so if your daughter wanted she could join the surf rescue which is for all ages and it teaches you about the sea and currents and rips, allsorts really and there is a lot of swimming and things, but they also can complete cirtificates and i think they have competitions.
    There is also a calm beach between the island and the mainland where people go fishing and if they want to swim on a calm beach. I love it here and there is a school, I just started year 11 but i think were changing cos its not tht great.
    My parents have met two families on here already from england and we have bbq's and stuff one of the families has a son who is 16 and i have a brother theres also a girl who is 11 and 2 other girls who are just a bit younger than me cos im 15 now.You didnt need to know tht but anyway.....
    So mabe we could arrange to all meet up and then you would know some people . Im sure my parents could arrange something but there not here at the moment, if you write back then ill get my parents to email you or something.
    Hope to hear from you
    Rachel :)
  6. Lauren Greenwood

    Lauren Greenwood New Member

    hey i will be moving to the brisbane area. around Redlands bay..? mail me if you are intrested in making new friends

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