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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by teejay66, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. teejay66

    teejay66 Guest

    Hi ,
    we have just registered and would like to introduce ourselves.

    Tracey(teejay) 39, Phil ( Mr teejay) 39 + 2 girls 12yrs & 17yrs
    We are members of Poms in oz and thought we'd get onto this site as the other one is very useful.
    We are not in Oz yet but have just got our Case officer so hopefully it won't be to long. We are heading to the gold coast .



  2. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the site. Are you on British Expats too as I am sure I have seen your name there?


    Scotschick :D
  3. teejay66

    teejay66 Guest

    Hi Scotschick,

    Yes we are on the BE site .......All the time !! :lol:

    What trade are you applying under and where you heading?

  4. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest

    Hi Phil

    Hubby is a carpenter and joiner so are going on his skills - hopefully!!!!!

    We are looking at the Carina area although haven't ruled out the Gold Coast yet. Guess it just depends on where hubby can get work. We are going for a reccie in February (11 weeks and counting) so will hopefully get a better feel for things.

    What about you guys - where are you headed and what skills?

  5. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest

    Oops silly me. Just realised you said you are heading for the Gold Coast - any particular area?

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