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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by clairenmarkg, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. clairenmarkg

    clairenmarkg Guest

    Hi myself, my husband who is a builder and daughter (4yrs old) are moving to the sunnier side!! We have just started the ball rolling and are looking for a place to settle in. Any good idea's or suggestions would be a great help.

    Thanks Claire

  2. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    Welcome to the site

    Hello Claire,

    Where to settle in Oz, wow that's a BIG question to open with :lol: , anywhere is pretty good, in our opinion anyway!

    My brief & general outline would be :

    Perth - Beautiful but remote, Victoria - Quaint and relaxed, Melbourne - Pretty, cultural and vibrant, Sydney - Modern, organised, interesting, faster pace and expensive, Brisbane - Beautiful, developing & moderate pace, Cairns - Stunning, variety of attractions and relaxed pace.

    We have spent time in Sydney & Brisbane, so we can go into some further details if you wish Claire.

    As a builder your hubby should find work in most of the cities & surrounds that i have mentiond above, Queensland has a number of developing area's, so maybe a good starting point.

    I think it is essential that people that are looking to migrate to Oz should make a 'recce' trip out there before making a firm decision though.

    In another forum, i have listed some useful websites, that will give you some good, upto date info about Oz, so take a look, if you haven't already ok.
    Look forward to hearing back from you.


    Trev & Jamie

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