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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by martin948, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. martin948

    martin948 Guest

    Hi to anyone reading this,
    we are planning to move to aus brisbane from yorkshire uk,
    i have contacted some brisbane companies or companies with departments in brisbane and have had 3 replies saying they have vacancies,
    we are trying the 457 work visa option (seams like less hassle) i hope
    the get a perm visa
    so when we get there (hope fully august this year 2008) we will look for some brit expat meets to have a chat about our experiences, we will also keep online and visit forums to aid any other hopefulls,
    hope im not jumping the gun (if anyone knows a firm who needs fire alarm service technicians(i applied to all largest in queensland, chubb wormald etc) then contact me and i will send my cv and cover letter.
    we have printed out med papers and am going to book meds this week then when a company is wanting info then we will have it passports need 2 renewing (3 weeks i hope) then if i get a job offer the house needs to be sold OH MY GOD there is tons of stuff to do.... removal firms, getting 2 quotes this week.... well im burned out now and will take a finger rest.
    bye all ..
    any ideas, best and easiest way of getting accomodation for 2 adults and 1 child while we look for a house to buy north brisbane,,caboolture sounds ok
    bye again

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya welcome to poms in brisbane,,the visa process is a chaotic time ,if you can get a visa which grants permant residency straight away its best to go for that ,you will be entitled to a bit more when you arrive.I would look for a short term furnished let for 2 to 4 weeks ,in this time you should get all the paperwork side of things done and manage to secure a 6mth let,,if you fancy staying south side for a bit ,drop me a line as i can help with all the above and provide a personal ,family friendly service too,,keep smiling through the waiting because its well worth it once you arrive!!good luck
    Cal x

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