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Discussion in 'North & Far North QLD' started by Mark, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Gday guys, Just lookin for new people to meet up with and get together to do the usual things, like go for coffee/drinks somewhere, or for a night on the town.
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  2. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Hi Mark. Are you still interested in catching up with new folk in Cairns?..I am so feel free to get in touch if you like :)
  3. julieMHnurse

    julieMHnurse Member

    Hi Guys, sorry I cant help! I am still just under a year away :-(... But you could let me know what life in Cairns in like? How did the move go for you?
  4. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Hi Julie, for me life in Cairns is fantastic. Are you moving within Au or from overseas?..I moved from Melbourne for a more relaxed pace of life...winter is simply beautiful weather pretty much daily. I love the wet season too..the heat is great (for me, as I can't bear cold) and the rain can be impressive - I don't doubt it does get a bit crazy some years though...scenery is wonderful, shopping/facilities are great and everything is convenient in terms of distance. Everyone's circumstances are different so I can only speak for me, but if you enjoy a laid back lifestyle then you should find it as awesome as I do :D.
  5. julieMHnurse

    julieMHnurse Member

    Thanks for that Paul!

    I am still in the UK, the move to Australia was to help us relax and spend time as a family. The old cliche too! Better quality of life. We don't want life to be all about rushing around. We want to enjoy nature! I can imagine the rain storms, we love watching thunder storms. So that's something that doesn't put me off, unless of course I am stuck in it! I am a nurse waiting to register and one of the agents I have been in touch with has positions waiting in Cairns but I need my registration to come through first.
    Do you find the university level accommodation good? There doesn't appear to be too much choice?!?

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