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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lezwolf, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. lezwolf

    lezwolf Guest

    hi there-i'm new to this's lez from wolverhampton (rainy cold old england)....i was wandering if anyone knows if (my trade) installing air con is a sort after trade-also would me becoming self employed in brisbane area as difficult as i've heard it is?... P.s wish we was there!


    TOBY GRIFF New Member

    Toby in brisbane

    Hi just a quick line to say me and my family came to brisbane 3 weeks ago from sunny manchester lol in that time my wife has found work and starts on the 8th sept and i have had an intervieiw and have a medical on monday which i think is a good sign im a maint fitter
    there is work in your trade ive seen the ads in paper but would advise to start with a company b4 going alone there are little differences to work in the uk hope this helped

    toby ,jan and family
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya welcome to brits in brissy ,,as Toby says there does seem to be quite a few vacancies in your trade ,however things do vary with the jobs over here ,most tradeys find this ,so for a few months whilst you get to grips with everything id be tempted to work for an employer whilst you sus things out.Good luck with everything
    Cal x
  4. lezwolf

    lezwolf Guest


    cheers for the replies people-good luck with the medicals!...does anyone reckon i could get a spoonsed visa with air con or do you think my only option would be gettin my visa off my own back.?...i'm kind of new to the visa situation but have been dying to get to oz for ages and only just recently thinking it's time to "do it"..cheers
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    If you have the experience and qualifications for a skilled independant visa ,id definately follow that route,it does take a litle while longer than sponsership to process but leaves you free with no ties when you arrive.
    Hope this helps a bit ,if you want to have a chat with an agent most will offeryou free phone advice.
    Cal x

    TOBY GRIFF New Member

    skilled visa

    hi we went through the skilled visa route it took about 11 months but well worth it in the end we went for a short interview to decide our best way to get visa we used a company called the immigration group they were good for us but as cal says there are plenty of others it is a long sometimes frustrating route but now we are here and enjoying the sun and everything else in brisbane its a distant memory id say get on with it and dont look back
    the griffs in brisbane

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