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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by guppy19, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. guppy19

    guppy19 Guest

    im rachel,i live in england at the moment but im probly moving to oz in like november,i want to make some emailing friends,im probly moving to brisbane so if u live there that will be best but ill talk to people from anywhere cos meeting ppl is fun!! Im 14, i like sports eg.skiing,surfin,skateboarding,roller/ice skating,trampolining,biking,then all like running and basketball and i like :green day, my chemical romance, fall out boy, good charlotte, lost prophets, yellow card, panic! at the disco, blink 182, The all american rejects, HIM, Aiden, hoobstank, Placebo, Muse, Taking back sunday, Area 15, boy kill boy, A.F.I, The killers, The raconteurs, Foo fighters, The faint, MXPX, Simple plan, The used, Snow patrol, Thrice, Cooter, Billy talent, Rise against, avenged sevenfold, stone sour, disturbed, sum41, anti flag, linkin park, wednesday 13, atreyu, incubus, paramore, razorlight,pink,Alexisonfire,enter shikiri,keane.Erm i love animals and i am interested in like marine biology as a job mabe.i like art and writing poems i also enjoy geography,german,fod tech,science . i hate maths.I have a dog called meg. Nows the fun part u tell me about u!!!Post stuff on the forum and ill reply!!
    Look forward to any replies,
    Rach :D :D

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