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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by emma5016, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. emma5016

    emma5016 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    my name is emma i am 27 years old and recently got married in the UK and we have moved to Brisbane for my husband's new job.
    We are loving the city and the weather obviously!
    I am finding it more difficult because i am used to a very active social life back in blighty and i am wondering how to go about meeting new people over here!
    I am not very sporty and i don't have kids yet and those seem to be the kind of groups i have seen advertised so far, all ideas welcome - i am just missing chatting with people to be honest :laugh:

    thanks emma x

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Emma ,is there a local gym or keep fit class ,even if its not exactly your cup of tea you might find friends there,also community groups and meets are another good way to make friends,it is hard at first but get yourself out there as much as possible and youll make friends eventually
    Cal x
  3. Shu

    Shu Guest

    Hi Emma,

    Am also new here, just arrived a couple of weeks ago with boyfriend. 28 years old and looking for ways to make new friends, as I am missing all the ones I left behind terribly! If you find a group to try and want someone to go with I would be more than happy to!

  4. Aidy

    Aidy Guest

    Hi Shu and Emma

    Welcome to Brisvegas! Hope you are settling it and enjoying life here, so far...

    I have been here since the start of this year. Originally from N. Ireland but lived and worked in London for a number of years where I met my Aussie girlfriend, hence the move Down Under. We are both in our 30s, no kids, live in CBD at the moment.

    I was lucky enough to get a job and a 457 work visa with it before moving, which made the move easy, but I must admit that I did find it very hard to adjust for the first few months and to get used to all things Australian!

    There is a group called the BBC (British in Brisbane - you will find it if you do a google search). They meet once a month and organise other meets from time to time too. Have not been yet (just been busy) but intend to go at some point.

    Would like to try to organise some drinks to meet up with some fellow expats if you guys are ever interested?

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  5. chellem

    chellem Guest


    Welcome to Britsinbrisbane! Have you been to any of the meets that are organised on pomsinoz? You may meet some friends that way? I can imagine it would be hard to meet people if you didnt have kids or already know people in Brisbane - may be you could get a part time job just til you get settled? Lol you can always leave once you have met a few people?

    Like Cal says you could try joining the gym or any of the local groups in your area?

    Let us know how you get on

    chelle x
  6. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    Hi Emma!

    Hi Emma,

    My name is Hayley and I am 26years old. I am due to move to Brisbane in Nov/Dec this year as I was offered a job out there and my partner and I will both be moving over together. We don't have any kids either and although we have done alot of sporting stuff in the past (i.e. motocrossing, mountain biking, gym) we have not done anything for quite some time - Mainly due to the UK weather stopping us.

    We have never even visited Australia so it will be extremely new for us also. We don't know anyone there, hell, I haven't even met my employers yet!!

    So we will be looking to meet new people when we arrive to help us feel more at home. Maybe we could keep in touch and eventually meet when we arrive and then begin socialising straight away to prevent getting home sick!

    How are you finding it over there? Apart from the socialising bit.

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