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Discussion in 'Job Vacancies' started by Crystal, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Crystal

    Crystal Guest

    How do I go about being sponsored for a job also share accomodation ?
    Any information wood be a huge help travelling from brisbane

  2. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Crystal, you don't say how old you are, if you've any British Ancestry etc.
    Presuming you'd aged under 30 and are an Australian Citizen, you'd probably be looking at the Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa rather than some form of sponsorship.
    The Tier 5 Visa allows you to live and work in the UK for up to 24 months. You can enter the UK at any time while your visa is valid, and leave and come back at any time during your stay. If you turn 31 while you’re in the UK, you can stay for as long as your visa is valid.
    What you can and can’t do
    You can:
    work in most jobs
    be self-employed and set up a company - as long as your premises are rented, your equipment isn’t worth more than £5,000 and you don’t have any employees
    You can’t:
    work as a professional sportsperson (eg as a coach), doctor or dentist in training - unless you can show you qualified in the UK
    extend your stay
    get public funds
    bring in family members on your application - they must apply separately

    Have a look @ &

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