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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by allieanddermo, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. We are from Dublin so not technically pommes but from the same corner of the globe so can we please join your site. ??? Me,hubby(carpenter/joiner) and 2 kids planning on moving to Brissie next jul/aug Sister lives there with her Pommie hubby and his family. Have just sent off application after years of "will we?, wont we?" so waiting now...

  2. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest

    Hi there :D

    Welcome to the site.

    Hubby is also a carpenter/joiner. Our application has been in since July so we are hoping for a case officer in the next few weeks. We don't have any family in Australia so are going it alone. Have a 4 year old son who is very excited already at the prospect of going to live in Australia (fingers crossed).

    Have you thought of an area in Brisbane you want to move to?

  3. Where to live?

    Hi Jacqui,
    My Sister lives in The Gap which is a lovely "green leafy" suburb, I have visited her there and we will probaby live there as thats where we are heading at first, I do have a problem with not being beside the sea though, I have always lived close to the ocean and I don't thinlk I could live in OZ and not be near it when we will have the opportunity to use beaches ect.( with the weather being a tad better than here :lol:) I have been looking at Redcliffe which is the top of my list at the moment apart from The GAp.
    How about you do you know where you are going yet? My 5 yr old daughter seems to be excited about going to Oz she has 2 cousins and they also have 2 cousins who are all in around the same age so it will help settle her. thats another reason for The Gap.
  4. Australstar

    Australstar Guest

    Hi There,

    Welcome to the site.

    No problem that your from Dublin, at least your not another Scot ! :lol: as it sems half of Scotland is going to Oz, as well as most of the Carpenters/Joiners to :lol: :lol:

    It's nice that you have relative's to go to when you arrive, i think it helps, especially when you have young kids.
    Like Jacqui, we are 'going it alone' and we are looking forward to the challenge 8)

    I'd like to know some more info about The Gap area, such as type's of housing style's, transport links, shopping, entertainment, crime rate level etc, could you help on any/all of these points?

    Kind regards

    Trevor & Jamie
  5. The Gap

    It is a really nice area. There are various house style mainly brick . it is only about 6km from the city and only takes about 20 mins on the bus, there is no train line. There is a small shopping centre with a supermarket ,bakery, chemist ,deli, video shop, a few cafes , mcdonalds, and a couple of other shops. There is 1 pub but also a sports club with a bar and a golf club.
    As far as i am aware the crime rate is very low, my sister has lived there for 5 years and has never had a problems. There are a few larger shopping centres with cinemas etc about 10-15 mins away. the schools seem pretty good. There is lots of parks for kids, it is very green.
    If you need anything else just ask and i will ask my sister.
  6. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest


    We are thinking about the Carina/Carindale area but are not really sure as yet. Hoping our reccie in February will give us an idea of areas plus hubby has basically been told he has a job when he gets there so it also depends on this. Haven't heard of the Gap so will google it and have a look.

    Getting really excited now though as we are getting closer to the end of the visa road. Feels like it has taken forever but actually it has passed quite quickly really. Just hope we are successful as we have put so much into this that think we would be devastated if we didn't get. Roll on the meds so I can relax afterwards.



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