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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by kell& mart, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. kell& mart

    kell& mart Guest

    Hello! We've recently moved here with our 2 children aged 2 & 4, and wanted to say hi to anyone living here or nearby. We're from South East UK, Essex and London, and love living in Oz so far, but missing friends and rellies! If anyone is interested in meeting up for play in the park (kids are with me 24/7 at mo!) or for a coffee, we would love to hear from you. Martin is working now, but i'm free all day, everyday(!) and weekends are usually free so can meet up on a family day out. Don't want to sound desperate for friends, but feeling a bit lonely at times!! I'm sure i'm not the only one?!

  2. Fred

    Fred New Member

    Hi Kelly

    My kids are at school, but I'm up for a coffee if you want to meet sometime.


  3. piers

    piers Guest


    We are up for a meet we live in wakerley and have a little one well he is 3 now, we have been here over 2 years.
  4. kell& mart

    kell& mart Guest

    Hi Fred!
    Would be good to meet up, maybe once i get my eldest to day care! (my two can be a handful at times, one will be easier to handle!). Hopefully, once we look at our funds, she can start next week. Where are you from , Fred?
  5. kell& mart

    kell& mart Guest

    Hi Piers, How are you finding life in Oz after 2 years? There are a couple of others on here who are up for meeting, so maybe we could all get together at some point. My days are pretty much free at the moment, apart from trying to find a good childcare place for Isobel that isn't too expensive (we're not entitled to any benefits, b oohoo!). Whereabouts is Wakerley?
  6. piers

    piers Guest

    Wakerley is in between carindale and cleveland, we are finding life good but like you said the trouble is meeting ppl even more so when you have kids and no family but i wouldnt change it for the world

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