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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by LisaG, May 19, 2007.

  1. LisaG

    LisaG Guest

    :D Yes we arrived only 2 weeks ago, don't know where the time has gone! My husband and I came over on permanent VISAS with our two childrn agen 4 & 7 yrs. the last two weeks i have been busy sorting schools, swimming lessons, football teams etc, my husband started his new job in the city and is working hard also. It would be nice to speak to anyone who is in a similar situation or has been recently,

  2. mark

    mark Guest

    lisa g
    hope all is going well
    we are planning on coming over next april
    would like to know how you have found it all

  3. mark

    mark Guest

    Help a teenager (well soon to be one )

    hi my names andrew im 12 and my mum and dad are hell bent on moving down under . please can someone tell me what it is realy like for a 13 year old ( i will be 13 by the time we move)and what is there to do out there , what are the schools like ,Girls"""",

    please help
  4. Phyllis n Joe

    Phyllis n Joe New Member

    Re: Help a teenager (well soon to be one )

    Hi Andrew,

    My son (Marc) is 14 and has been in Oz for only 12 weeks and he loves it!!! School has been fine, he plays lots of sport and on the week end he goes dirt biking and quadding! he doesn't have much time for girls these days, so sorry can't help you out there!!! :roll:

  5. mark

    mark Guest

    Thanks phyllis
    im hoping to also do some diving when we get there have you tried it ?
    what is the school like ?

  6. Louise

    Louise Guest

    Hi All

    Hey Guys,

    We're also new immigrants from the UK. I must say where are all the Poms. We've been here 2 weeks now and not met any. Where do you all hang out, we're in Surfers at the moment but movin 2 Ashmore soon. Any1 want to meet up??? :lol:
  7. Phyllis n Joe

    Phyllis n Joe New Member

    Hi Louise

    I've been here 3 months and haven't met many brits either, except on arranged meet ups from expats!! If you up for meeting up there is a big meet up arranged for the 14th July at Broadbeach, should be lots of brits there, bbq on the beach n BYO, lots of kids going too, so if your up for it PM me and I'll give you the details ok

    Phyllis :D

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