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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Nikki6999, May 14, 2008.

  1. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    Hi to you all, just stubled across this site,
    We are the Brew family, I am Nikki Brisbane born and bred and moved to Ireland 8 years ago after meeting my Irish, half english hubby, Myself and my 2 kids, Sarah (6) and Liam (4) are moving back to Brissy June 28th this year, Hubby will follow oct/nov (If he doesnt get cold feet!!!) We plan on living Northside somewhere, maybe samford, dayboro, Bunya ect, hoping to rent a house on an acre of so as but still be within 45 to CBD.
    Look forward to reading more on this site to say hello to you all.
    If I can be of help to anyone about Brisbane, I will do my best, even though I have been away for 8 years I have been back 6 times!! Thanks for reading
    Nikki :wink:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    hiya ,welcome to brits in brissy ,i visited Samford a few weeks ago and i love it !what a fantastic place ,just beautiful & if i was to upstick from here ,Samford Village or valley would defo be top of my list.
    Cal x
  3. Hi Nikki
    We're in Ireland, Co. Tyrone and heading to Brisbane with our four kids. Whereabouts in Ireland are you?

  4. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    Hi Sheena! Thanks for saying Hi, apart from Cal (Moderator) saying hi my thread didnt attract to many friends :wink: Technically I am not a brit or in the british area, we are in Rep of Ireland, County Clare. Hubby's mother English from tumbridge wells, I am Aussie.... Ya we off soon! Cant wait, So when are you heading out?.... Nikki
  5. Well, we are hoping to go Oct/Nov, but thanks to the crap housing market, it could be 2009.:frown: Don't want to wait too long as our eldest is coming 14 and could change her mind if we wait too long.:wink:

    Best wishes
  6. broncobilly

    broncobilly Guest

    hi nikki,
    new to this site also.we are the ward family moving out to brisbane next year hopefully!, been twice already to visit inlaws and loved brisbane so much we are making the move down inlaws are coming from oz in aug and we are taking them over to the west of ireland (my family came from there).we are stopping in a village on the borders of clare and galway.Shame you are moving in june we could have all met up for a guinness or two.where abouts in clare are you from?and has your hubby and children been to oz before?
    good luck on your travels,
    bronco billy
  7. Nikki6999

    Nikki6999 Guest

    Hi Broncobilly, tanx for dropping by and saying hi. My husband is a farmer, land is between Kilrush and Kilkee. I am the aussie and lived here 8 yrs. Hubby and kids been to Aus several times, we go most yrs back for a holiday to see my family.... West Clare is very scenic... So your making the move too! Where in Brisbane does your in laws live? .. Yes shame we'll already be gone to Aus we couldnt have met up in Clare then later in Aus!!!!!
  8. alles

    alles New Member

    hi nikki
    we are on the gold coast
    just wanted to say hello & good luck with your journey!
    al n laura

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