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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by kezmeikle, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. kezmeikle

    kezmeikle Guest

    Hi everyone! With just over 3 weeks till we fly (eeeeek!!) I thought I would log on and introduce myself and my family. Myself, my husband Ross and our two children (Isla who is 2 and Archie who is 13 weeks) are moving to the Gold Coast on the 10th January from Edinburgh.

    My husband has a job in Brisbane but is planning to commute. We still dont really know where we are going to rent yet but are planning to spend the first month getting that (and a million other things!!) sorted. We're looking at Pacific Pines as a possible at the moment because it seems family friendly and not a ridiculous commute for Ross on a daily basis! Any other recommendations of nice areas would be appreciated!

    We would love to get to know some new people when we arrive! It would be lovely to hear other peoples experiences and stories as to how they made the big leap! Not to mention get some advice from you all as to the good and bad things about living in QLD!

    Hope to chat to some of you very soon!


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Guys
    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck with the move, it should be nice and hot when you arriva although they have warned us of a 'cold' summer so we will see.
    Have a look around Coomera Wters, Jacobs Well etc they are all nice areas and a stones throw closer to brissy than Pac Pines.

    Cal x
  3. Ste&Lisa

    Ste&Lisa Guest

    How exciting good luck with the move, we were going to move there at first looks like a really good family friendly place, all the best x x
  4. SaraS

    SaraS Guest

    Good luck with your move. We are moving to the Gold Coast on the 7th January and we have managed to sort out a rental property in Coomera. I will be commuting to one of the Brisbane hospitals while my husband will be sorting out the children. We have managed to get them into Coomera state school, all boys aged 6,7 and 10. Looking forward to the move now that the weather has got colder and wetter!!

    Sara and Greg
  5. kezmeikle

    kezmeikle Guest

    Wow! Not long for you to go now! Are you excited? Scared? Bit of both? We've been looking online at rental properties but think we'll probably wait till we arrive before choosing somewhere. We already have 10 days 'holiday' organised in Burleigh then 3 weeks in Brisbane (accommodation organised by my hubbie's work) so we're going to use this time to scout out different areas.

    Where is it in the UK you are from?
  6. SaraS

    SaraS Guest

    Not long at all! Yes, probably more excited than scared, but know everything will be fine once we can get everything sorted out. I originally come from Preston and Greg from near Stirling, but have lived in Plymouth for over 20 years now.

    How are you feeling about your move?

    Sara and Greg
  7. kezmeikle

    kezmeikle Guest

    Very excited but also a bit apprehensive. I think mainly because of the wee ones but its for them that we're going. To make a better life for them! We live about 30 mins from Stirling, its a beautiful place of the world! I'm orginally from the North East and Ross is from Edinburgh. I moved nearly 10 years ago with work and ended up meeting Ross and staying.

    Have you any idea where in the gold coast you'd like to live?

    Kez x
  8. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane


    I would definitely take some time to try out that commute from Pac Pines to Brisbane, before committing to a rental there. Although it may seem like a reasonable commute, at peak hours you are probably looking at 1.5 hours.


  9. kezmeikle

    kezmeikle Guest

    Thanks Rudi,

    Definitley gonna try out the commute but I think my husband is going to get the train most days. His idea being that the hour on the train can be used to do work there and back instead of being at the mercy of the traffic!

    Kez x

  10. SaraS

    SaraS Guest

    Hi Kez,

    Yes we know where we are going to live at the moment. We have a rental arranged at Coomera, and the boys are already registered at the school there to start in a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay in getting back, busy sorting out last minute things before we made the flight to Brisbane. I cannot believe we are here, it still seems very surreal. I will be glad when our furniture and dogs arrive and we can finally move in to our rental house, hopefully in a couple of weeks.

    Hope your flight goes well

    Sara x

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