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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by katemckay, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. katemckay

    katemckay Guest


    My name is Kate and ive been reading around this site for a couple of weeks now, so thought id introduce myself. I am married with 4 teenagers and a baby. We are just starting the process of applying for visas. We have made contact with an agent and i am applying for a 176 SS to Queensland. Fingers crossed it works out.

    I am hoping someone can give some advice. I have been employed as a laboratory supervisor in the NHS for the past 6 years, my husband has been in waste management (refuge collector) for nearly 20 years. We are looking for a better quality of life and better opportunities for the kids. Everything here is so bleak and is set to stay that way until god knows when. I have always wanted to move to Australia but my husband wasnt so keen at first. We first discussed it nearly 10 years ago but he was worried he wouldnt find work.

    I have spent quite a while looking at different jobsites and there seems to be plenty of jobs. My husband has spent a lot of time researching and is now very keen to move. We both feel like we have nothing to lose really, we dont even own our own home here, it was impossible to find somewhere within our price range. He is open-minded about work as long as its a manual type job, he'll do anything. My question is, do you think he would struggle to find work?

    BTW im 38, hubbie is 42



  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Kate ,, welcome to the forum.

    I think your hubby has the right attitude in that he is open minded about what job he will do,, this will really work in his favor. It looks like youve done your research too so lots of luck with everything.

    Cal x
  3. katemckay

    katemckay Guest

    Thanks so much for the reply. This is a great site lots of useful info. I have gotten a good feel for the job situation now to have another look at the housing, especially renting, its very different to the way we do it here.

  4. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi Kate, I've just joined this site, having spent a lot of time talking to people moving to Adelaide but we've now decided to move to Brisbane. We came over for a visit in October and I made an appointment with a prospective employer and it has led to a temporary job, which I interviewed for over the phone. There seemed to be quite a few opportunties in my field (public sector management) and I found the smartjobs website ( really useful, you just set up a search and it throws up appropriate jobs. You might both find it useful. There seemed to be much more opportunity in QLD that SA but I guess that is to be expected. Good luck with your visa, I hope we can keep in touch via this site.

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