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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lee.jennie2011, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!

    We've signed upto this site as we're both hooked on the idea of emigrating to Brisbane after visiting it in January this year! We've got a lot of questions and concerns before we make the move though, and think it's best to get the answers from the people who are actually living there!

    One of the main concerns we have is whether we'll be able to afford to live there or not. In the UK we have council tax to pay and we were wondering if you have to pay that in Brisbane too? If so, how does that work and how much should we expect to be paying? Are there any other charges/costs like this that you have to pay?

    Talking of charges, if anybody has any info on how tax on wages works, like how much it is and whether it's similar to the system used in the UK etc, it'd be a great help.

    Many Thanks

    Lee and Jennie

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi and welcome to BIB, I have tried to answer a lot of your questions on your other posts, as for cost of living then a lot of people say if you are moving to Australia look for an income 2.5 times your British income to live a comfortable life, So if you earn £40000 you would need $120000 to be the same standard in an Australian city, personally i am no where near this but still very happy. Please do not fall into the trap of comparing UK prices against there Australian prices, with the current exchange rate Australia can look very expensive, remember when you are here you will be earning Australian $ and that is the way to look at it.

    Parts of Australia are expensive, cost of living has risen here, but with the right job you can have a good life here.
  3. jorgon

    jorgon Guest

    Hi Lee and Jennie
    Instead of council tax there are "rates" which are based on the value of the land on which your house stands, so its a very similar system.
    Where we are (nice suburb), you would pay about $500 a quarter for an average sized house. This includes water.
    Everyone says electricity is very expensive but we haven't had a bill yet so we have no idea.
    Telephone and internet tends to be more expensive than in UK. We pay $50 a month for an unlimited broadband service which includes telephone line rental. Call charges are on top.
    As for tax to 30 June 2011 anyway, the first $6,000 is not taxed, then its at 15% over $6,000 up to $37,000, then 30% in the band up to $80,000 then 38% in the band up to $180,000. After that its 45%.

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